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Zoara - Anyone Bought From Them?


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Hi - just wondering if someone can provide some advice/feedback with shopping here?

I am looking for a trilogy/3 stone engagement ring.


I saw in a shop today a 3 stone D/IF trilogy ring, centre stone .62 and side stones both = 0.42 ~.21 each. It was a very nice ring and was on sale! It was $19995, down to $9995.


My first question is why such a heavy discount, all the diamonds where GIA certified too, and all diamonds where D/IF (and this jeweller was an independent one - not s chain store)


It was a stunning ring and it looked amazing but a bit on the small side for me. I was looking at something around the 2 carat range.


What would you suggest? A 1.20 carat F VS2, and 2 X 0.40 side stone in G VS2 or the ring I saw on sale?


This is the ring im looking at getting from Zoara: http://www.zoara.com.au/engagement/rings/preset/p_romantic_diamond_ring#p=92930, but with the stones I mentioned...

Any advice?



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Umm, you need to narrow down your thoughts. On one hand you've got a GIA/D/IF/0.62 and on the other you've got a house graded 1.20/F/VS2. These are way different things. What are you hoping to get?


In answer to your question on the discount, it's easy. They couldn't get $20k so now they're trying to get $10k. So what? If they had first tried and failed to get $100k, does that make it a better deal because the 'discount' is higher? They can ASK whatever they want. Getting it is an eitirely different thing. Evaluate each deal for what it is, not what it used to be.

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FWIW, a 0.6 D/IF from a competitive online dealer costs less than 6k, and can be as little as $4k, so even $10k is not quite the good deal it seems.


On the other hand, a well cut 1.20 F/VS2 will be considerably more than $10k, so if you are getting one at far less than that, be very careful what you are getting...

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I Guess what im hoping to get the best for ~7K.


I would consider the D/IF ring but after looking online I can get the same for less.


I was looking for a triology ring; 1ct centre and 2 0.5ct .... suggestions?


Would I get better value going princess cut?



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Princess vs. round is largely a matter of personal preference. You will get more weight for the same price in a princess, but it won't look larger, and it will look different (and I like it less).


Re: trilogy ring: please tell us more. What is important to you (your fiancée) other than the general size? FWIW - 1.00 + 2 x 0.50 will look rather unusual; the three stones will be relatively similar in size compared to a "traditional" 3 stone look.

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1.00 in the center and 0.50 on the sides will be fine.


I still recommend you start by zeroing in a little more on what you want. You've got a budget, which is a good start, but you've got some huge variables still pending. The look of 3 princesses is very very different from the look of 3 rounds or a combination of the 2. A big center and small sides looks quite different from 3 similar sizes. I understand the problem, you don't really care and you just want to get a 'deal' but I think it's highly likely that SHE cares, and possibly cares a lot. The same happens with size. You can get a D/IF or you can get an H/SI2 for the same budget and the tradeoff is going to be size. IF's are not 'better', and bigger is not better. It's a taste thing. The usual reason for getting IF and/or D is the symbolism of it. She deserves the very best. That's a perfectly good reason and symbolism is the whole point of this exercise but it doesn't seem like YOUR reason. Your considering it becasue you see it as a low price compared to some standard of value. I think this is a serious mistake. You are making a consumptive purchase here and you will never see your money again, no matter how good a deal you get. Get what you like. Even more, get what she likes. Then make sure you're getting the right price. A good price on the wrong thing is no bargain.

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I guess Im not being very clear my self sorry...


I guess Im trying to get the mosto ut of my budget ~7k give or take depending of the ring.


Originally I was going to go for a Trilogy righg, so I assum from what you are saying the tradiitonal triology will have 3 stones the same size eg: 0.60 ct = 1.80 tw?... Is that the line you where going on?


My overall thought was to go for a better centre diamond at around ~ 0.90 and two smaller, lesser quailty but only slighlty ~0.50 ct stones, zoara do preset sidestones where you can select the mains tone eg:



In this example it is a "pre-set" ring with the centre as I, I would use this setting but get a better quailty diamond as the centre, but it means it would have the same side stones as this. My next though is if I went to a F or G, VS2/VS1 with excellent cut, would it look odd next to these sidestones?


Thanks for all your help!

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Thank you all for you input! It is much appreciated...


I have chosen the setting: http://www.zoara.com.au/engagement/rings/p_brilliant_round_cut_diamond_ring#p=10570


Now I have narrowed it down to 3 diamonds:


1. 1.25ct F VS2 excellent cut, faint fluro $5902


2. 1.49ct G VS2 excellent cut, no fluro $6128


3. 1.31ct G VS2 ideal cut, med fluro $5970


My main points im toying with is

1. If I go the larger 1.49 G over the 1.25ct F, both with same cut - normally would there be no difference from a normal person persepective? or will I lose colour going bigger?

2. Is it better to get an ideal cut with a medium fluro? Will this matter or will it higten the "blue tinge"

3. diamond 3 has nealr 60/60 table and depth ratio.... would this be a better buy?


The ring is going to be set in 18K white gold...

If it was your choice which one would you pick?

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1. Not with a 1.49 vs. a 1.25. If you were talking 5 carats vs 1, maybe.


2. Irrelevant.Also bear in mind that any blue tinge will only be apparent (if at all) in natural light or under UV lamps.


3. No. Why? The 60/60 paradigm/guideline is definitely old fashioned. There are good 60/60 and bad ones

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I would not recommend any of the 3 - you (and I) don't know what you are buying, other than GIA would grade them differently.


Be clear about one thing: the reason why EGL-graded stones are cheaper than GIA-graded stones is NOT because of the cost of the GIA report: http://www.gia.edu/lab-reports-services/fees_payment/lab_fees/Lab-Fee-Schedule-Diamond-US.pdf

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The whole point of EGL is to cater to searches being done exactly like you're doing. People are looking for a 'deal' and are trying to optomize the size/clarity/color for a particular budget. If they can get a D for the price of an F, that's a 'bargain'. Sound familiar?


'Taint so.


The stone is whatever it is. GIA didn't make it and neither did EGL. It's not a function of the report and it doesn't change a bit no matter what lab is used and no matter what that lab calls it. What DOES change is the way it's advertised. If they call a G a D, then you're comparing against D's instead of other G's. This is especially true if you're doing it blind. Do a search in the database here. Pick any fairly narrow set of specs so you get a few dozen results. Then sort by price. An unmistakable pattern is that the cheapest are ALL graded by EGL and the most expensive are ALL graded by either GIA or AGS. This is not a cooincidence and it's neither evidence of a bargain on the EGL's or a ripoff on the GIA's. What it's evidence of is different grading scales. You'll also notice that the range of prices for similar GIA's is pretty tight from the cheapest to the most expensive and that this isn't the case with EGL's. Again, this isn't evidence of some being bargains, it's evidence that there is a wide range of grades and an inconsistency within the EGL grades. Some EGL-G's are better than others and are priced accordingly. Where does yours belong? I haven't a clue. Unfortunately, neither do you. If you trust the dealer and they actually have the stone in hand, ask THEM. That's who you're relying on.

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I bought a 2ct Princess Diamond ring from Zoara about 6 months back. The online service etc was all good, as you might expect and as the GIA Diamond was  GIA certified, it was hard to fault. (You get pretty much what you pay for and should know what to expect given their very good clear description).


Their buid quality however for bespoke rings is shocking.


I provided the design and had the setting made in Platinum. As I had a 2 ct stone, I specifically asked them to ensure that the setting was secure. They sent me pictures in advance and I had some concerns which i voiced. They responded saying that their chief jeweller had inspected it and that it was perfect.

This was either a lie or their standards are well below any regular high street jeweller. 


Although my wife loved the ring, we had to take it in locally for immediate repair as the diamond was not only loose but you could hear it move when touched with her finger nail. It was also not true to the size that I had asked for (The same size wedding ring from Cartier seems to fit her just fine but this was far too big)


The platinum band that secured it was not even with the width moving from thick to thin that was visible with the naked eye.


In short, great value diamonds but simply dreadful jewellers.  I'm now considering having the setting re made locally.  


I didn't return the ring as I don't live in the US and felt that even with insurance this was a significant risk and given their capability, there seemed very little point.


I also struggle with them offering a discount off future purchases in response for saying something nice as feedback on their website.  With what I know now, I'd suggest using them for the stone and have the setting done properly with either someone you know and trust or ANYONE else! 

Hope this helps




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Sing27 >> Their buid quality however for bespoke rings is shocking.


Sing27 >> I provided the design and had the setting made in Platinum. As I had a 2 ct stone, I specifically asked them to ensure that the setting was secure. They sent me pictures in advance and I had some concerns which i voiced. They responded saying that their chief jeweller had inspected it and that it was perfect.  This was either a lie or their standards are well below any regular high street jeweller. 


Hi Sing27 --


Thanks for the tip, even though you inadvertently resurrected a 2-yr old thread.  (I did the same thing earlier this month.)


As I understand it, almost all diamond merchants have other people they go to for metalwork. It's a sub-specialty, which doesn't have a significant enough amount of work to justify being a full retail enterprise by itself.


As it happens, I've got 2 odd-shaped stones we're going to have platinum mounted, probably before we finish locating the remaining 2 stones in our 4-pc. set.  So I'm keen to find any discussion about desigining custom metalwork, and/or finding the names of a few trusted platinum metalworkers I can use in or around NYC.  It's not easy Googling them up!

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Ordered on the 27th Nov, Took 2 WEEKS to tell me that the diamond is UNAVAILABLE
received an email saying “While I understand that this is unexpected and disappointing, I’m would like to inform you that it is our policy in such cases to provide a diamond at least as good as the one that you originally ordered at no additional cost for you as long as this is possible.†ONLY AFTER 2 WEEKS.

Because I don't have enough time, I had to asked their Customer Service team to pick a diamond for me got WORSE DIAMOND and had to PAY EXTRA for it despite the email said "no cost", I had to pay due to the need of getting a diamond ASAP.. and it's 1 week before I left the Country,

DIAMOND IS NOT HERE YET ( almost 3 WEEKS) , check my article for more https://flunkstory.wordpress.com/2015/12/15/zoara-flunk-story/


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