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Should I Buy This Egl Diamond?


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Hey guys,


So after lots of searching, finally found a diamond that I like. I just wanted to get your opinion on the price. I am getting it for 3250 including tax. What do you guys think about the diamond quality? Anything I should be worried about? Really appreciate your professinal opinion. Below are specifications of the diamond.




Report# EGL3201463524

Feb 5, 2012


Natural Diamond: IaAB

Shape and Cut: Radiant

Carat Weight: 1.06

Color: D

Clarity: SI2


Measurments: 5.66-5.43 x 3.90 mm

Polish: Very Good

Cut: Very Good

Fluorescense: None


Comments: Conflict free diamond. Diascript of EGL report number appears on griddle.

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You should be worried about not knowing the diamond's colour, clarity or cut quality. To some extent this is mitigated by the fact that you seem to have access to the stone and like it, but it does not help when you try to compare prices. The difference between properly graded D and E is somewhere north of 20%, and between SI2 and I1 it is 40% or more, so even assuming EGL is only off by one grade it can be problematic. Never mind that they can be off by 3, 5 or even 10 (yes - grading I what GIA later grades S-T).


For what it's worth, the price is reasonable when compared to other EGL-graded stones, but is it fair?

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The EGL online lookup system is missing a lot of data and they don't share across all of the labs with that name. Make sure you're at the right one and possibly try all of them.



On to the stone.


You're paying a premium for both D color and SI2 clarity. It's likely to be neither of these if graded by GIA, which is the reason it was sent to EGLI in the first place. Comparitive colors will range from F-H or so on the GIA scale but you can't know unless you have someone grade it. Clarity will likely be I1 and possibly I2. You can use the database here to shop for comparables. Have you seen it? Do you love it? The guys who advertise here are pretty price aggressive and if you're shopping at a local store it's likely to cost a little more. Some stores are worth it, some aren't. You can decide for yourself it it's worth it to shop with them.


That very stone, for example, looks like it's listed for sale here:


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