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First Time Buyer: 2.71Ct Ring


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I would appreciate all and any opinions on a diamond I am looking to purchase. I am looking to spend around $35k and I would like a beautiful diamond that pops. In my quest for THE diamond I am searching for answers such as "Is VS2 that much better then a SI", or "Can i really tell day-to-day if it is a G or a E"? Or "Should I just go for a 3.5ct and sacrifice the other gradings"?


As I said I want an an amazing diamond that will stand out and catch peoples eyes. She chose a Halo setting for her small 4.5 sized finger. I would like a good "value" as everyone says but I'm not sure what is most important. In this search I have seen quite a few diamonds and to me they all seem to be the same for the most part. All of them POP and look outstanding.


Let me know what you think of the specs and if you can provide any other guidance. The store would like to know if I want the diamond ($35k) so I am strapped for time.


Thank you to all.



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As to many things in life, the answer to your questions is "it depends". For some people, the idea of an inclusion that could be visible to an eagle-eyed observer through the side of the stone (mother in law?) is anathema. Others don't care as long as they don't see it. For what it's worth, here is my personal take on them - YMMV:


Clarity: largely a matter of time and effort. You can easily find an SI1 that looks like a VS2, but the VS2 grade guarantees (almost) that the inclusion will NOT be visible so you can shop remotely with more confidence. SI2, I1 same story, but it gets more difficult and you are trading off search time and skills (and range of stones) against price.


Colour: E vs. G not once they are set, unless they are right next to each other (and even then).


Size: on a 4.5 size finger, 2.50 - 2.75 is more than large enough for my taste. And to get a 3.50 within your budget you need to start trading things off (and the larger the stone, the more difficult it is to hide inclusions) with colour, cut and clarity.


The stone you are looking at seems nice on paper, and it seems reasonably priced - provided you cannot see the inclusions and that you like it more than other stones (jewellery store lighting is designed to make diamonds pop - go outside or in an office room with diffused lighting). However, it is unlikely that a $35k stone will walk out of the door tomorrow, and there's literally dozens like it available through others (79 on this site alone: http://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds/?qShape=Rnd&qCaratLo=2.5&qCaratHi=2.99&qColorLo=G&qColorHi=G&qClarityLo=7&qClarityHi=7&qGIA=1&qAGS=1&pg=&qSort=Price ), so don't let yourself be pressurised into closing a deal "tomorrow". Of course the dealer wants to know if you are buying it, but there IS no pressure other than your self-imposed one.

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