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Jeweler Continues To Make Small Mistakes


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I just got married 2 months ago. For our engagement ring and wedding rings I went to a jeweler I knew since I was young (church/family friend). I wanted a Tacori style ring with a sapphire as the center stone. Well, long story short- he has already had to redo the ring once because of design flaws (the setting was not the correct measurements). Fast forward 3 months later, and I noticed that he forgot to add the milgrain detail I wanted. I am not visually detail oriented, so it takes me awhile to notice things like this. I am going to meet up with him today, and he will take a look at the ring and see if he can add the milgrain.


I also noticed that the sapphire has a very huge flaw in it completely visible to the naked eye.


To tell you the truth, I think he overcharged us for the rings and I just want to return the ring and start all over. I'm not sure if this is possible, though. I don't want to hurt his business, or our relationship. But I'm pretty tired of having to go back to fix things, and I'm sure he is pretty tired of seeing my ring. What do I do?

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I don't think you'll be able to make this particular omelette without breaking at least some of the eggs.


On the one hand, I would be inclined to cut quite a lot of slack to someone that is willing to take a ring back to add detailing 3 months after the delivery was completed (and presumably to add the details "free of charge", though you have already paid him). So in a sense complaining about your dissatisfaction with this and other things sounds a bit churlish - if it were me, I would feel that 3 months later you have effectively accepted the ring as is, and I am doing you a favour in altering it, never mind accepting a return. You may well have been overcharged, but you haven't really provided any elements for or against this hypothesis other than your sense/feeling.


On the other, you are not happy with the end result (though you did get married, after all, didn't you? ;)), and perhaps your jeweller may be inclined to do something "over and above his duty" to maintain his reputation and relationship with you. If you feel strongly that you have been treated unfairly I would mention - once and for all - your dissatisfaction over the issues you have described, and ask him what he intends to do about it. You may or may not get anywhere, but at least you are giving him the option.


My tendency in these situations is to write things off to experience, and start again ignoring the past - for whatever reason this is not a good jeweller for you, but remedying the situation may well take a lot more effort and resources than simply restarting with another craftsman.

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Thank you for the advice. It is true that this is a learning experience, and I will write off many of my experiences with him as so.


I did go back to him today, and he will be adding the milgrain detail to the rings. He is a kind person,and I'm grateful for that. I do admit that I DID feel somewhat petty, but it IS my engagement ring after all and it should be perfect (at least perfect to me). I just wish I had seen it all from the start, and was quicker at noticing small details (that end up not being quite so small!).

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