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I'm new here. I know very little about diamonds, but after reading some of the topics on this forum, I've learned some things. I would like an opinion of an online diamond site, Diamondstudsonly.com. I would like to buy a pair of black diamond stud earrings.. about 1.5 carats to 2 carats. The setting would be white gold, 14k or 18k, depending on the price..martini setting, with a screw back. Their prices don't seem too bad, and I like the layout of the website, with information about buying diamonds. I also looked at Etsy.com. There's a jewelry maker, Garo Celik in NYC, who receives good feedback on Etsy and Ebay (he sells there, too). I'm also looking into a couple of local jewelers in my area, Hamilton Jewelers in Princeton, NJ and Forest Jewelers, also in Princeton. I'm getting various prices...the diamondstudsonly.com being the least expensive. Garo Celik has a price of $900.00. Hamilton Jewelers quote prices between $1250 to $1400, depending on what size diamond. Forest Jewelers will get back to me (just called them this morning). I'm just looking at my options now. I guess I got off my original question... your opinion of diamondstudsonly.com? Thank you for your help!

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I've never heard of them. I agree, the site looks nice. Terms and conditions seem fine. They are mostly selling stones graded by themselves or their friends but this is pretty typical on less expensive goods so I wouldn't hold this specifically against them. IF there's a problem with the goods, this is almost certain to be it so be sure to get them checked out within the return period. BBB approves of their compalint handling and they've been a 'member' since 2004. That's all a pretty good place to start. If they've got what you want, I think they are worth considering.

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