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Requesting Advice On Price And Value For 1.85Ct Engagement Ring


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Hello everyone,


I suppose my story is similar to many folks on this site. First time buyer, price/value conscience individual with willingness to learn and educate myself in this area before making a purchase. I would like some advice on this particular ring picked out from Blue Nile.


1) Is the quality worth the price?

2) Would shopping around yield a cost savings worth the effort?


Specs Below:



Stock number: LD02605575


Price: $15,425


Price Per Carat $8,338


Carat Weight 1.85


Cut: Ideal


Color H


Clarity VS2


Depth 62.7%


Table 55%


Polish Excellent


Sym Excellent

Girdle Medium

Culet None

Fluorescence Strong



7.84 x 7.81 x 4.91 mm



Link for the diamond and setting:




Again, thank you all for your help.




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Value is a highly subjective judgement, particularly with jewellery. You could buy a very similar ring in rhodium-plated silver or stainless steel and CZ for a couple of hundred dollars, and 99.9% of the people looking at it casually would not know it's not "precious". You could also go to a luxury brand store and spend twice as much for something that is materially the same as the Blue Nile offer. There are thriving companies at either end of the spectrum (e.g. Pandora, Cartier) - and in the middle (e.g. Blue Nile).


H/VS2 is a pretty safe combination; it will look white and you will not see the inclusions with the naked eye, yet at the same time it's not as expensive as (say) D/VVS, so it enables you to get a decent size stone. Is it value? It's middle-of-the-road, relatively easy to resell and classical. Does it shout and scream individuality? No, it doesn't.


Couple of points to check on the stone: the strong blue fluorescence is unlikely to cause issues, but should be checked in case it causes haziness/milkiness in sunlight (and is one reason why this particular stone is selling at a discount relative to others). I like the way in which the stone cut "reads" on paper, but the proof of every diamond is in the seeing - don't hesitate to return things if you don't fall in love with it, and there is again a strong element of personal taste in choosing cut characteristics.


Same for the setting - with the added caveat that reviews on Blue Nile metalwork are rather mixed, and to me it seems expensive for what it is design and material-wise.

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Hi, just fyi from my research, a diamond with any trace of Fluorescence will devalue the diamond. Also get GIA cert whenever possible.

Fluorescence has a minor affect on price, and fluorescence above Medium makes stones difficult to sell (which has an additional affect on price) but it does NOT make it a less beautiful stone. Many view the lower prices for an attribute that takes tools to detect as a feature, not a problem.

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