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Price And Advice On Square Modified/princess Cut


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I am looking at this stone



I don't have the faintest clue what the price of a princess cut is since its much less popular than the round cut. Can anyone give me a ball park estimate?


When it comes to cut, why is the round cut more popular and as a result more expensive per carat than any other cut? I assume part of it has to do with the amount of waste resulting from cutting. Does the resulting cut results in more "bling" than any other cut?


Thanks for any insight.

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Use the Diamond Finder (http://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds) to find competitive prices from quite a few online vendors. Even if you have no intention of buying from them, it's a good resource for price comparisons and to understand what drives prices.


BTW - why are you picking an Internally Flawless stone? You are paying a large premium for something that is going to be totally invisible to the naked eye when compared to a VS2 or even an SI1 graded stone.


Round is more popular because it's the most brilliant/fiery/shining/whateveryouwanttocallit cut. It costs more partly because of demand, but mostly as you mention because of yield - same reason why princess cuts can be the cheapest per carat: they are closest to the shape/proportions of the most typical rough diamond crystal.

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The bottom 2 stones are below $10k. So, no, I don't agree. And you can be sure there is a reason why all three are priced at 40-60% discount to the typical stone with similar grades.


Also, why is this stone particularly "good" for the setting you have in mind compared say to a G/VS2 with a top-flight cut?

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Well the tacori setting I've seen used a square cut and I assumed that was the only cut that would work in that setting, but it seems that is not the case. Thanks for the new link you sent me, I had no idea rounds would rival the princess cut in price just from a color change. I am glad I decided to ask questions here.

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It's possible that the setting fits a square cut best; my question was not 'why a princess cut', but why this particular princess cut stone - I don't see anything in the report that strikes me as "amazing bargain, must have now". And the market seems to think like me: the stone has been there for nearly 3 years (look at the date on the GIA report). There's literally thousands of other princess cut stones that would in my opinion represent much better value for money.

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