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Bluenile.com Question


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Experts on this forum say that bluenile does not inspect or see the diamonds they sell. They say that their cut for the diamond may be off, so does that mean that the GIA certs have incorrect/false info? If I order a diamond ring with a excellent cut, will the diamond truly be a very good or good cut? Will the VS1 or vs2 be a SI1? am I ignorant to believe that the GIA cert that i receive from bluenile is the correct specs of the diamond that I get? Is it better to pay for a ring I like on bluenile for a cheap price (without seeing it) or go to a local jeweler and buy a ring I like there however their price is $1000-2000 more (you see the diamond but depending on the ring you wantt some are GIA cert and some aren't)


P.S does it matter if the clarity characteristic says that diamond is: cloudy, pinpoint, clear or feather? and Does a .84 carat diamond with smaller measuremets look bigger than a .83 ring with a bigger measurements (e.g., 6.12 x 6.09 x 3.73 mm for .83 carat vs 5.99 x 6.02 x

3.76 mm for .84 carat) .83 carat is vs2 and .84 is vvs2



Thanks guys

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Blue Nile is a credible outfit and they sell what they say they sell. GIA is a credible outfit and they apply their grading scale with a fair amount of diligence. The problem you see discussed is that the GIA grade of 'excellent' is quite broad and the grade of 'very good' is effectively the rest of the scale. If you're looking for sub-dividing of excellent you need info that's not present on the GIA report and the usual way to get this is to ask the seller. BN does not generally have much to say beyond what's on the report.


The option you present of BN or an expensive local store is something of a fasle dilemma. BN has a ton of competitors, as do your local stores. BN is not usually the cheapest and the local guys may or may not be the most expensive. Evaluate each deal, and each dealer, on their own merits.

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The other issue around cut - though it doesn't apply to your situation - is that GIA does not grade non round shapes for cut, and if you lack some context this may seem to be discussed in the terms that you describe in your first paragraph. However, it is neither GIA nor Blue Nile's "fault".

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Another aspect of this is the ring itself.

I think it's crucial for shoppers to consider both ring and diamond together.

If one is purchasing in a store, then make sure to see a lot of samples of the type of ring you're considering.

I strongly believe actual photos and videos are a boon to consumers in this regard- allowing folks to see the quality up close

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