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What a scam, If you run across uniteddiamonds.com please run

the other way. When I was shopping for an engagement diamond ring I requested a diamond which was just under 2 carats,that had an E color, and which had a clarity that was “eye cleanâ€. Bruce Larson suggested that I should get aVS2 clarity for that size diamond that would insure the diamond would not have any inclusions visible by the naked eye. I then purchased a ring from united diamonds

which bruce represented as a VS2. With the ring, I also received a certificate of appraisal by united diamonds also stating that the diamond was a V2 clarity. Because of the grade , I expected the ring to hold true with the definition of vs2 clarity (not able to see inclusions with the naked eye). However when I closely inspected the ring I discovered 2 dark inclusions. Friends and family of my fiancé also stated that they noticed it. I brought it to a gemologist that examined the ring under magnification with me and informed me that it was not a vs2, but a much lower clarity grade.


When I called Bruce Larson and told him what I discovered he was talking and dancing

around the topic in a manipulative fashion which made me realize that he was

nothing more then a con artist. I asked to exchange the ring for exactly what I asked and paid for in the beginning, a diamond which was "eye clean" and a ring that was more accurately a vs2 grade. Bruce informed me that the only exchange I can do is an upgrade and pay more money just to get what I actually thought I was already purchasing. No other alternative was offered to me: either I give him more money or keep the lower quality ring that was sold to me under false representation. This is a fraud. Bruce

turned a time that was suppose to be beautiful in my life to a horrible memory, my engagement.

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I'm sorry that you have had a bad experience, particularly at an important and emotionally charged time in your life.


This said, there's a few points worth remembering - if not for you, for others in a similar situation:


1. There is no legal, commonly accepted definition of "eye clean", so the seller has an easy way out. It was "eye clean" to him. Equally, there are no legal, commonly accepted definitions of VS2.


2. Even assuming the diamond is correctly graded using GIA standards, there are few, rare, VS2 where the main inclusion is visible to the naked eye.You cannot call this a fraud either.


3. You are not mentioning any independent lab grade, just a grade assigned by the seller. This is a very brave (or foolhardy) thing to do with a high colour, large size diamond. Get a reliable, independent lab report to help you in selecting the diamond and being certain of what you are buying.


4. It is up to you to check with the seller what his/her return conditions and policies are. While many retailers (and all of the good ones) will stand behind their goods, and accept returns within a reasonable period for unworn items, there is no obligation on them to do so.


In all, while I can understand your disappointment and frustration, I cannot say that the retailer has behaved unethically or improperly, never mind illegally or in a fraudulent manner.

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I'm sorry about what happened. After searching a little bit about the site, I found out that this actually isn't the first time someone talked about uniteddiamonds here:




I think it's safe to say that you should research about the store as well, and not just the gem itself.

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United Diamonds


Background: I paid for United Diamonds to draw me a ring idea I had. They did produce the drawing; however the price they wanted for the ring was way too much so I didn’t purchase it. United Diamonds said I could use the $250 towards any future purchase or loose it if I don’t purchase any ring from them. I agreed.


I placed an order for a solitary diamond ring from United Diamonds. I pick out the ring and diamond from their website http://uniteddiamonds.com/ and placed the order by phone. They made 2 withdrawals. First charge was for $1,936.00 and a second for $700.00 totaling $2,636.00.


After a week (when the ring should have been delivered) I received a call from United Diamonds telling me that they could not fill my order with the diamond I had chosen. They said they get new diamonds all the time, however I needed the ring by July 1st and they said they wouldn’t have any more in time. They emailed me some other diamonds that I was not interested in so I asked the order be canceled (6-15-10). At this point I was told about the cancellation fee and tried to resolve the dispute over the 15% fee. How can they charge a cancellation fee for an order they could not complete? I was unsuccessful; he just kept saying it was their policy.


After a few days later I called to follow up on the refund and could not reach the accounting department. The person that answered the phone would not put me in the accounting department’s voice mail and said they where all busy. The person that answered the phone could not tell me anything about my order. At this point the person told me to send an email to sales@uniteddiamonds.com.


I send an email simply asking how many days it typically takes to receive the refund. I was sent an email back telling met that I was going to be charged 15% of the order for a cancellation fee and another $500.00 for creative service and would have my refund in 24 hours. It looks like they charged me another $500 on top of the $250 I paid for the ring drawing. We both agreed on the $250 for the service to design the ring. This service was paid for and completed well before I ever placed the order for the solitary ring.


I received a refund amount of $1703.10. United Diamonds Withheld $1,182.90. I agreed to the $250 for the ring drawing so they owe me a refund in the amount of $932.90.






Don't work with this company. I was scammed by them. Below is the Better Business Bureau rating. They are not in California they are in Vegas and have an "F" rating.

Bruce at united diamonds told me they are a dealer so they are not on BBB. I found them after their scam in Las Vegas.



Company Name: Uniteddiamonds.com, Inc.

Company Address: 9404 Brilliant Ore Dr.

Las Vegas, NV 89143

Phone Number: (888) 732-2258

Original Business Start Date: October 1999

Local Business Start Date: September 2003

Type of Entity: Corporation

Incorporated: 1/1/2010 in TBD

Principal: Mr. Bruce Larsen, Manager

BBB Accreditation Status: This company is not a BBB Accredited Business.

Type of Business: Jewelers - Retail

Web Site Address: www.uniteddiamonds.com



Bruce A Larsen (760) 240-4224 Apple Valley, CA 92307-0000

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I assume you have contacted your credit card company? They can help - and are generally quite willing to do so.


Also, note that accreditation (nice word for "membership" - paid for) with the BBB is not compulsory, though the gentleman (?) at uniteddiamonds is totally wrong that "as a dealer" they cannot be members. There are plenty of jewellery dealers who have a membership of the BBB.

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I second the suggestion of complaining to the CC company. They couldn't deliver what you ordered and then charged you a cancellation fee because of it? Surely there's more to this story but, if not, you've got a slam dunk case with them. It's now 3 months later and as agreeable as the CC companies tend to be towards consumer complaints, these things do have a clock on them. You're at or near the end of yours. Start your complaint SOON.


Nearly anyone who is willing to pay the fee and agrees to respond to customer complaints in a more-or-less reasonable way can be 'accredited' by the BBB. I'm accredited for example. it's a tad expensive and I can certainly see why a business would choose not to do it but it's going to be his business decision, not some rule from the BBB that keeps him out.

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