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Hello forum!


As you maybe able to tell, this is my first post around here, and it's going to be a odd one. Right now, I am an undergrad researcher at top tier west coast school (I would prefer not to name them for security reasons), and my work deals primarily with the material and method engineering of microfluidic devices.


Anyway, I have been shopping around with my girlfriend of 3 years for a ring (Hooray!) and I may have discovered an odd talent. I seem to be exceedingly good at grading diamonds up to VVS1 and color up to F, I also have a feel for caret to the 10ths place. I mean, at one store they actually set 10 in front of me and I was able to grade all of them correctly with naked eye to the standards I mentioned. Is this uncommon and if so, is there a market for this ability? Or is it just a case of overblown self worth?


I have always had a good feel for tiny differences, before I went back to school, I was a hematology (study of blood and cells) lab tech, and was able to name regular patients by what there blood looked like. Before that, I inspected welds to the microscopic level.


Thank You!

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If you like grading and want a new career, GIA and other labs are hiring, but the pay's bad and job security is low. I would say you're probably better served by staying in school and applying your observational talents elsewhere. Not that I know much about it but engineering microfluidic devices sounds like a MUCH better gig.


I don't understand your headline. What do synthetics have to do with your career potential as a grader?

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