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What Do You Think Of This Inclusion?


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I am considering buying the pre-owned diamond below. Could you advise what you think of the inclusion in the hearts and arrows view. I think I can see it to the lower left side of the diamond in the last picture of the ring. I know it is magnified in that picture but is it going to be very noticable in real life. It is an AGS0 H SI1.








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Photographs don't tell you much about inclusions. The cert will tell you what it is and your appraiser should be able to tell you if it's eye-visible under their definition. You should be getting it appraised independently anyway if only because it's a private-party sale. There's the opportunity for damage or other problems and the return policy will be severely limited if you don't raise your issues immediately.

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I intend on having the diamond looked at by an appraiser. I see on Whiteflash's site the diamonds are labeled eye clean if they are and this one is not. I am questioning if I should consider it since it does not seem to be labeled eye clean by whiteflash. Would the cloud or crystal affect the performance of the stone? Is it worth considering getting it appraised or are the inclusion too noticeable to the naked eye to bother?


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I would be a bit surprised to see an AGS-SI1 that isn't eye clean but it is theoretically possible. Talk to Whiteflash about the formatting on their ads. They change occasionally and they haven't always made any sort of eye-clean claim. This may have been created during such a time. It's entirely possible that lack of that statement in the ad means nothing more than that they didn't make such statements when they made the ad.

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