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Israeli Diamond Laboratory: Can I Trust This Certification


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I've never heard of them. That doesn't tell you much. Google didn't help much either. That tells you quite a bit. All it takes to open a 'diamond lab' is a computer, a printer, and a laminator. Maybe not even that. It's up to the company to convince you that their opinions have merit and the default answer is NO. Anyone worth listening to will have footprints and I find Google to be a pretty good place to look for them. If a search for a company's name doesn't show them on the first page or two of results, something is amiss.

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I don't know about that. Google placement is definitely a cryptic art form and some people are a lot better than others at it but a company that doesn't rank decently well on a search for the company name strikes me as a bad sign. They're either so new that Google hasn't noticed them or they don't take the web seriously enough to have a page at all. Maybe for some businesses like a farmer or a mechanic it makes sense but we're talking about people in the data business.

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