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Advice Needed For Purchase Of New Wedding Set


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So I went the cheap route 10 years ago when buying a wedding set and the wifey is expecting that I will replace that set now that we are more financially secure and we are coming up on our 10 year anniversary in August. I'm looking to spend between 5-10K USD on the wedding set.


Based upon my wifey's preferences, the metal for the ring should be white gold, but platimum is also acceptible. Her first choice would be that the center stone is a princess cut and second choice would be round. She also says she likes the vintage (bling bling) look if that means anythng. She has also sent me the below links to some neil lane diamond wedding sets which should give you an idea of her preferences:




My concern is getting the best bang for my buck and the above diamond quality doesn't seem great although it does seem to have an amazing sparkle. I was looking into potentially buying online to maximize my value. My wife is a bit hesitant to buying online since she can not see the diamond in person which is understandable. She also is more interested in more tangible things then things she can't notice so I'm not sure if she cares about the overall quality of the diamond as long as it is shiny and big so some of the C's may not be important to her. They are probably more important to me.


I wanted to send the wife a couple of comparable rings with a larger center stone and better quality diamonds from an online retailer.


FIrst question is am I crazy for looking online or would I be better served looking elsewere?


My second question is what would be a good reputable online retailer if I were to go that route? I've heard bluenile is a bit more expensive than other online stores and was curious what online stores people hve been happy with.


My last question is what other wedding sets or lines of rings would compare well to the Neil Lane wedding set listed above? I want to provide her some more options so if you could send links that would be great.


I really could use your help. Look forward to any help.



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‘Online’ is no more or less than an advertising venue. You’re not shopping with the internet, you’re shopping with a particular dealer and the internet is the way you’re communicating with them. The difference is important. It’s like finding a store in the phone book and blaming product problems on the phone company. Most of the online jewelers are simply jewelers who happen to live in someone elses’ neighborhood. They may or may not be what you’re looking for but it’s a mistake to lump them together as a giant ethereal entity called online shopping. Each deal and each dealer should be judged on their own merits.




Blue Nile is the big dog in this business. They’re many times the size of their next competitor and twice as old. They've spent more on Internet advertising than everyone else combined. That comes with some benefits and some problems. No, they’re not the rock bottom cheapest and they’re not particularly flexible. They do it the way they want and if what you want is outside of their box, you can bugger off. Don’t expect much of a boutique shopping experience there. It's a $300M operation. It’s sort of like shopping at Costco minus the cavernous warehouse. It works pretty well if they have what you want and if they don't, they don't really care. Special orders and custom work are out of the question. They have reasonable prices, good quality control, and an agreeable return policy if you change your mind, but don’t expect the sales clerks to be very helpful.

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