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Why Do Fancy Shapes (Pear & Marquise) Sometimes Hold More Color In The Tip?


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Dear community,


I recently submitted a 2.53ct. Pear to GIA. The stone appeared to be G-H in the body, and J at the tip. What is your opinion on the cause of this, as well as how GIA considers these stones in regards to their color.


I believe that the stone will come back an I color. For the reason being the combination; (body and tip) should equal overall color grade. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Regards Ron

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The stones are graded upside down and look through the body of the stone for color. They are not graded face up. They are turned in various directions and graded against color comparison stones. Let us know how the stone comes out when back fro the lab.

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As Jan mentioned, stones are graded face down against sample stones. This allows for an accurate grade of the color of the diamond material. Fancies have uneven faceting distribution and this in turn creates uneven visual distribution of color and scintillation. There is effectively a greater concentration of faceting in the points of MQ, PS and even Princess cuts, and less faceting in the center of the stones. The bow-tie effect is a result of this uneven distribution.

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