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Any Feedback On Liori Diamonds In Nyc?


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Liori Diamonds conducts illegal, fraudulent trade practices by sending smaller, lower quality diamonds to unsuspecting consumers.

I bought a 2.01 total carat blue diamond ring; with 1.26ct center stone and 0.75ct side stones. The ring shipped to me was actually only 1.10 total carat based on a third-party appraisal. The quality turned out to be one grade below (i1 vs. VS-2) the appraisal certificate that was included with the ring.

This practice may impact many consumers of which most do not even realize the situation. Unless equipped with proper measurement tools and trained eyes, most consumers will not be able to tell the difference in size and quality. This happened exactly to me as I just realized the issue when I saw the center stone of 1.26ct is noticeably smaller compared to a 1ct diamond pendant I just bought from a different online jeweler. A third-party jeweler performed the measurement and appraised it to be 0.85ct only; as the diameter of the center stone is 6mm only. Pls watch the video below. This assessment is in line with two other jewelers estimate.





After confronted with videos and pictures, Liori Diamonds promised in writing on Feb21 2013 to fix the issue but then backpedaled on Feb25 as the ring was on its way back for fixing as I stated that the new ring will need to be certified by a third party jeweler.

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