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Advice On A Round .90/i - Si1 Excellent


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Hi, I'm hoping I can get some advice on the following stone:




I've been looking around and I've just used this one for reference, although the price ($4,200), is in the range I'm comfortable with and the shape is what my gf prefers.


My only hesitance with buying online is that my gf was once convinced that the best stones can only be bought at Tiffany's, Birks, etc. I'v since convinced her that this isn't true, but I want to make sure I get a stone that has maximum "sparkle" and obviously has no visible blemishes.


Could someone let me know what they think of this stone in terms of quality and price? I've read that for a round stone, colour is not as important, and that another characteristic that can be sacrificed (to a degree) is clarity, as opposed to cut and carat. I don't want to sacrifice much size, but am willing to if the quality will be noticably different. Also, is there a particular setting that works best with a round stone, I was thinking four prong platinum...


Thanks for any help you can provide, it is greatly appreciated!!!

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I don't see anything wrong with it per se. GIA stones are graded based on factors such as polish, symmetry, fire and scintillation, and not based on the retailer (Tiffany, Birks, etc...).


As with any diamond (and especially an SI2 or below), you will want to make sure to have it inspected by a trusted appraiser to make sure that the inclusions are not compromising its performance or durability.

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Is the feather the long line that goes across the arrow head at 2.00 o'clock? I prefer to have a more centrally clean stone with feathers more near the girdle where you can maybe cover with a prong. More like a SI1 H that I saw that was triple X GIA hearts and arrows.

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For the most part, the beauty of a diamond comes from the cutting, not the clarity, not the color, and not the store that sold it. Meeting Tiffany diamond quality standards is actually pretty easy. VS1+ clarity. H+ color. GIA grading, excellent cut, polish and symmetry without more than faint flouresence. You should be able to get that at half their price or less with a few mouse clicks. An alternative wouldn't, of course, be a genuine Tiffany, and for some that's worth the price but it's not a gemological question. Exceeding them is also pretty easy but takes a little more effort because you have to have a feel for what YOU count as better. It's about subdividing 'excellent'. GIA-x covers a big range and there are arguements for various subgroups. 'Hearts and Arrows' symmetry is an example. Some people insist on it, others couldn't care less. AGS-ideal cutting is another.

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