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David? Will A "neodymium Magnet" Detect Hpht Synthetic


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Dear David,


I recently received a response from Mr. Neil Beaty regarding magnetism and HPHT. If you wouldn’t mind, I would like your expert opinion on this specific matter. Thanks again!


GIA's Tom Moses, the senior vice president of GIA Laboratory and Research, and Wuyi Wang, the director of research and development for GIA New York, were featured speakers.


Below is a link to an article dated 6/19/12. In the second to last paragraph it talks about HPHT synthetic diamonds and a dealers ability to identify them.




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The original Post


I’m interested in finding out if a high powered Neodymium Magnet will allow you to detect an HPHT synthetic diamond? My understanding is that during the HPHT process a metal catalyst is used such as iron/nickel/cobalt...Will a “Neodymium Magnet†such as an N52 magnetize to an HPHT synthetic?


If yes; will the magnet magnetize to an HPHT annealed natural diamond? If anybody has an suggestions on other ways to detect HPHT please let me know? Thanks again!


Regards Ron

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