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Black Gold???


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Hi there,


This is not a question about a diamond rather black gold. I have fallen in love with a black diamond and black gold ring from Lori Diamonds NY (online). Maybe I'm out of the loop and live under a rock but I have never heard of or seen black gold before. Has it been around for a while or is it something new on the market?


Anyone with experience about what this is?

Is the gold black throughout or just plated/coated/patinad???

If I have to have it sized locally will this be an issue?

Is it as durable as regular gold?

Will I need to have it refinished from time to time and if so are local jewelers likely to be able to do it or will i need to ship back to the manufacturer?


Any info or experiences with this material would be much appreciated. I really love the ring but am hesitant to purchase.




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Black gold has been around for a while (10-15 years). One of the issues is that there is black and black... there's black coatings, and there's black (actually various tints of grey and/or brown) deriving from alloying and thermal treatment. Some of it is very durable, some less: dark brown, which isn't really black, more of a coffee colour is "solid"; various gold-iron alloys give different tones of grey/bluish but the colour is limited to a surface layer - however the layer is very hard and resistant; coatings have the purest black, but are by far the least resistant.


In all cases, even sizing or adjustment requires access to the right alloys (or coating materials/technology), so it's generally not something that can be done by all jewellers. As to refinishing: it depends a lot on how you treat it. I (or my wife) have pieces with enamel - which can be rather fragile - that look brand new even if they are nearly 100 years old. And pieces in platinum that are 5 years old showing nicks and scratches...

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