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Strange Line Around Top Of Diamond


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Hello all, this is my first time posting in this forum, and I looked around for a similar topic to my question but didn't find any, so apologies if this has been covered already and there are resources out there. I recently purchased a 1.42 stone and just received it (my jeweler is out of state), but when inspecting it, I noticed this ring around the diamond on one of the cut lines. Is this normal? I can't remember ever seeing something like this on a stone and was wondering what others thought. Thanks!


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Hi Davidelevi,thanks for your reply. That's exactly what I was looking at. I guess I had never really seen one that hadn't been polished. Is it normal for that to sometimes not be polished, and if I preferred it to be polished, would that be something the jeweler could do?


Thanks again

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Until a few years ago it was normal for the girdle not to be polished, and the relatively rare diamonds with a polished or faceted girdle were considered somewhat "better". Now it's much more common for girdles to be finished and the opposite phenomenon tends to happen (the few bruted girdles are regarded as somewhat inferior), but it's really marginal and it usually has no negative consequences. In poorly cut diamonds the girdle can be reflected in the pavilion, and this is really rather unpleasant to look at, particularly if the girdle is not finished.


Even though polishing (or faceting) a girdle is not a particularly difficult task, it should really be done by a diamond cutter - perhaps the jeweller knows someone that can help, but it's very unlikely to be a "I'll pop a minute in the back office and sort it out" affair.

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Thanks again! The girdle isn't reflected in the pavilion, so that isn't a problem. Seems the trend of polishing them had left me unaware of bruted girdles when shopping around. I'll be in touch with the jeweler about options, and thanks again for the info, extremely helpful to be able to tell them exactly what i'm looking at and hoping for.

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