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Do All Diamonds Sparkle?


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Hello, I've recently come across a diamond shop and am considering buying from them but Im not quite sure of the quality of the piece I want as it is one of their cheapest models.


I am torn between two choices one ring is very extravagent while the other show some class.


*The ring I like the most is an $800 9 gram 14k white gold w/ G-H color 0.69 ct SI1 round cut diamonds but here are my concerns:

Is the 'see through' space on the side and the front/back a weakness or actually its strength?

Will it sparkle? As it is not noticibly visible in the pictures.

Is it too femine for a man?


I think its a good deal for $750 + $35 for my ring size & excl. shipping







My second choise would be a 8 gram 10k white gold w/ H color 1.76 ct SI1 round cut diamonds for $1,130 + $35 for ring size & excl. shipping.


Which is a better choice? I personally think the 2nd has too many diamonds and prefer the look of the first one but does the higher carat in the second one cause the sparkle?



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The spaces make no difference at all. Buy what you like.


That said, craftsmanship and grading on the diamonds are your issues. You've got nothing to go on. Sample photos and dealer claimed stone grading and specs, The diffences are important. SI1 vs I2 is HUGE. As you point out, the price and the 10k are clues to be suspicious.


In answer to your question in the headline, no, all diamonds do not sparkle. We have precious few clues as to whether these particular diamonds will. Have you visited the store? Have you seen them?

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...and to answer your second question, no, the quantity of diamonds will not necessarily equal more or less sparkle: if they were of uniform quality, you could somehow correlate quantity and "bling", but what you are getting is precisely the question. And neither will the gold content (10k vs. 14k) cause things to sparkle more or less. It will depend more on how well the gold is polished, what alloy has been used and how it has been plated - if it has.

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Poor cut and polish, heavy inclusions, very strong fluorescence, strong internal strain and graining all may affect sparkle and liveliness.


I suspect - but I don't know - that the diamond in the picture I posted above may even have been called "fancy white" by GIA. Not a stone that I would like.

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