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Idealscope Critique: Opinions On This Stone


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Hi all,


Been lurking on here for quite a while reading/searching topics as I embark on this LONG journey of hunting down an engagement ring. So much to learn!


The diamond I currently have targeted is from James Allen. A 1.22ct Round I SI1 Excellent cut:




I was really excited about this stone as it looks really clean on their Virtual Loop for an SI1 and have requested and received an IdealScope image for this stone. However, the IdealScope got me second guessing myself with this diamond as it shows a nice bit of leakage under the table (as far as my inexperienced eyes can tell). Anyone have any opinions, insights on this IS image? Thanks!




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Yes, there is a bit of leakage. Does it matter? Not necessarily.


1. On-axis brightness is not the be all and end all of diamond cut, although those that swear by reflector images would have others believe it is so.


2. Read this - written in a different context, and mostly about the HCA, but it is relevant to the situation (and the stone geometry) here: http://www.goodoldgold.com/Technologies/AConsumersGuidetotheHCA/

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It would be easier to tell if it had an AGS lab report. It could be light coming from a different angle. You will notice that on AGS reports they look various colors on the platiinum report. The red is brightness, the blue is contrast, the green is less bright and the grey is light leakage.


Your image above only has red, black and white which is not the same as the asset scope.


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Thanks for the info Jan & davidelevi.


As a final question, do YOU think this diamond is worth buying?


I have been hard pressed to find a diamond at this price for this ct weight and being eye clean (JA gemologist also verified "eye clean" according to their criteria) for an SI1 and I color. I was about to pull the trigger on it until I got the IdealScope image with a note that their appears to be some light leakage under the table.

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