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Looking For General Cost Evaluation On Potential Diamond Purchase


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HI, I am considering buying a GIA certified diamond as the center piece of an engagement ring. It is cut-cornered, rectangular modified brilliant cut.


Measurements are 6.8 x 6.2 x 4.2, it is 1.5 carat, color F, clarity I2. Very good polish, good symmetry and medium blue flourescence.


I've read on some forums that clarity is probably the least important thing to stress about and to judge the diamond on its overall clarity to the naked eye. I tend to agree as how many of us normal folks are putting the diamond under amplification. So long as there aren't any inclusions that are visibly affecting its beauty I think I would be ok with an included stone. More importantly I would just like to know that I am getting a reasonable quote. The jewelry has told me it's a beautiful stone and in the setting we are looking at will appear great, and I do trust them based on family recommendations, however I am unable to see the actual stone in person as they are out of state. With just the information here is it possible to give me a sense of a fair price? Thanks so much for any input. It's appreciated.

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An I2 will most likely have inclusions that are visible to the naked eye, and may be detrimental to the light performance and integrity of the stone. I would only proceed if you trust the jeweller AND have a good, clearly specified return period.


Pricing will be hugely dependent on what the stone actually looks like.

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In general, I-2 clarity is comprised of several black inclusions that can be readily seen without magnification. I-1 and I-2 clarity displaying whitish-grey inclusions that blend in with the diamonds facet structure do exist but are very rare.


Years ago, before Laser Drilling got an undeserved bad rap, such diamonds with black inclusions were drilled, then soaked in special acid which turned the black to white and rendered the diamond face up eye-clean. This process did not harm the structural integrity of the stone.


Today, you have the option of continuing to search for this proverbial needle in haystack or move up to SI-2/SI-1 clarity.

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