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Is An "i" Color Good Enough For An Excellent Cut Round Stone In A Platinum Setting?


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Hello all. First time poster here. I'm not exactly close to buying a ring or getting engaged, but I'm at the point where I'd like to start saving and I'm just trying to determine how much I'll realistically need to spend.


I was thinking of something along the lines of:


.9-1 carat, round

Excellent cut (GIA or AGS, top classified cuts on sites like whiteflash or jamesallen)

G/H/I color

SI1 clarity (eye clean)

Platinum setting


I want to get the best value for my money. If I could purchase such a ring for $6-7k vs. $8-10k, I'd be happier. If it truly makes sense to save up and spend the extra $2-3k however, then I will.


I know that clarity is a good area to reduce the cost so long as the stone is eye-clean and that's exactly what I intend to do. What about color however? I'm having a hard time determining if there are any drawbacks to going with something as low as an "I" color for a platinum setting so long as the stone has an excellent cut. Will I be better off going with a G/H? I want a good value and want the stone to look great with lots of sparkle.


Thanks in advance!

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Technically speaking J and above are "colorless" to the naked eye. I generally recommend sacrificing on color and going with VS or above, although with an SI1 you should be fine too. Since you're looking for "lots of sparkle", I agree with going with a round and definitely agree with getting an Excellent cut.


Ultimately, however, without seeing the diamond you cannot make an educated decision. To my knowledge, both Whiteflash and JA have an excellent return policy, so you will have 30 days to inspect or take it to an appraiser before settling.

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Yes the I color won't look bad in platinum if the cut grade is nice. Make sure you get a GIA or AGS lab repot with it.

It can be a cost saver to drop purchase an I color and even a nice SI2 if it is eye clean. That is something you won't be able to see the difference without magnification. For example in the SI2 I range, excellent cut, we have one for $4950.

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