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Wanted To Buy: Tiffany & Co. Round Solitaire Engagement Ring 1.25 Carat


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Hi Trial,


I'm confused. Are you asking questions about the HCA scores or the verification reports for the ones in the ebay ads you've linked or are you fishing or other people who have something for sale that might be competitive?


As a general rule, Tiffany doesn't choose stones that are cut to optomize the HCA so they vary greatly but occasionally there's an overlap and they get one with a low score. They don't include enough data on their older reports to figure it out yourself but those are both pretty recent and it shouldn't be hard. Have you calculated it on those 2?


Just out of curiousity, why are the HCA and the branding your only specs and not the price, grades, style, etc. You can, of course, use whatever criteria you like but that's an unusual way to shop.

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I'm inclined to disagree with that. Most people CAN"T see most of the differences that makes a 3.5 HCA vs. a 0.6 and, depending on why HCA dissed it, a decent number who CAN see the difference would actually choose the 3.5 in a blind test. It's a complicated issue that has a great deal to do with lighting conditions as well as the taste of the observer. Tiffany simply doesn't use it as part of thier procedure in buying stones so if they happen to get one with a low score, it's a cooincidence. The SA's there are pretty good at trying to get whatever you want from their inventory but applying this standard to the secondary market is decidedly difficult. There's just not that many 1.25ct Tif solitaires for sale by non-Tiff sellers at any particular moment.

The pricescope people are solidly connected to the HCA people and HCA has lots of fans there. Outside of that site, few people have heard of it so anyone who is selling such a stone (and knows it) would probably be attracted to selling it in the sales channel over there. I'm not quite sure how it works but there's a forum called 'previously loved jewels' or something to that effect. I don't think you are allowed to post a 'looking for' sort of request there like you have here but you may just find what you want being discussed by someone who has one for sale.

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The other interesting question is whether what you (or anyone) sees in an idealscope has relevance - and how much - to what the diamond looks like in real life, and whether diamonds with a "better" IS image actually are preferable to diamonds with a "less good" one.... Bear in mind that there's more than brightness in what makes people like a diamond.


Best of luck in any case!

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