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I *need* Your Advice On Proportions (Eternity W/solitaire)


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I gave me fiance this exact diamond:

2.017 ct I SI1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal Round Cut Loose Diamond

It is: 8.13 - 8.16 x 4.98 mm



The band is http://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/solitaire/broadway-solitaire-engagement-ring-341.htm

The width tapers from 2.6mm at the top down to 2.2mm at the bottom


She would like an eternity wedding band.

This is the wedding band style she likes:



What size pointers (0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, or other) would look the best in proportion to the 2ct solitaire?


The pics of her actual ring and band are attached below.


Thanks for your help!




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How long should a piece of string be? This is really a question of personal preference and fit. There is also the fact that the larger you go, the less comfortable the ring will be: it will stick out of the bottom of your (her) hand because of the stones depth and it will be sharply polygonal if the stones are "too large". At the other end, too small may mean fragile and/or with a lot of metal showing and/or with stones that are not easily distinguishable.


Other than that, WF does not seem to give the option anyway; they use 10-pointers (3mm stones) possibly because 3mm + prong on the circumference neatly means 1 mm on the diameter, which is roughly 1 1/4 US ring sizes. Half sizes could be accommodated by either using slightly larger melée or by adding metal to the inside of the ring (a liner or just thicker wire/different casting).


Before you splash out $4k on this, though, a couple of points to consider on an eternity ring:


1) depending on your (her) lifestyle and preference for wearing the ring at all times (or not), an eternity ring is relatively fragile and can be repaired less easily than other rings; people are a lot harder on their rings than they think or realise.


2) it cannot be sized easily - in fact WF says this design cannot be sized at all (which probably means "not for a reasonable price", rather than at all).

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We make a setting similar to that one only ours has a knife edge band similar to the Tiffany solitaire setting.

The one that works with ours is about .05 ct. each. You can do a shared prong, or a channel one. You didn't really mention what kind of setting you were looking for on the eternity band.

I think the .10 ct. each might be slightly high and not fit as flush as the one with .05 ct. each. Here is an idea, you can do the .05 ct. each on each side. :)

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