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Getting A Diamond Appraised


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I have been looking for a diamond for an engagement ring for the past few weeks. I met with a jeweler friend of mine who showed me a few stones and quoted prices on each. Nearly all of them are graded EGL-Int'l and I am somewhat skeptical of their appraised value. Do you think my friend would:


1) Let me get it appraised before purchasing it


2) Be offended if I got it appraised by an outside source?


If you have any advice I would sure appreciate it!

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I do this a LOT. Several times a day. Most other professional appraisers do as well.


No, I don't think it's reasonable for the seller to be offended. Actually, I would recommend you flat out refuse to buy from any seller who DOESN'T allow it (even customers who don't go through with it should insist that they can). You should have the right to have it inspected by whoever you want and you should have the right to return it for ANY reason if you aren't satisfied. They shouldn't have a vote on who you use, what criteria they use or what variations, if any, are acceptable for a return. The only requirements should be that you have a limited amount of time and any returned merchandise should be in the same condition as when you received it.


Will they be offended? Possibly. Especially if there is a significant discrepancy. If it matches and they're proven right, they'll get over it. If, on the other hand, they're proven wrong, YOU are the one who should be offended.


You're right to be skeptical about dealer supplied 'appraisals'. I'm far worse than that. If they're asking you to rely on a document that you find contains false statements, why believe the other things they have to say? If you find that there is a material misrepresentation, don't just hold it against the lab, hold it against the dealer who is asking you to rely on it.


By the way, be skeptial of the GRADES too. That's a much bigger issue. You can and should just ignore the value conclusion but the difference between a VS2 and an SI2 or a H to a K is ain important issue.

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