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Should I Buy Princess E Signature Ideal Cut .41/if($1845) Or .51/if($2405)


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Im kind of confused since im not sure what diamond I should purchase.


I want a Princess , E Clarity, Signature Ideal Cut

Preferably IF


Im not sure if I should get

  • .41 (IF) at $ 1845
  • .51 (IF) at $ 2405
  • or a VVS1
  • .50 at $2078 and there is also .51 $2205

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as Im stuck in a dilemma as to what to choose.

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I'm kind of confused too... ;)


Which is why I am answering your question with more questions.


What is leading you to such high colour and clarity? Particularly in a relatively small size, E will be indistinguishable from G or even H once set. And without a loupe, a good SI1 and IF will look the same. Not "nearly the same" - the same.


Who has graded the diamonds that you are considering? GIA calling things "IF" is one thing; EGL Israel quite another.


"Signature Ideal" is a Blue Nile brand for its (supposedly) top cut diamonds. It is not clear what criteria BN uses to get to that conclusion on cut for non-round stones. Are you aware that other than AGSL-graded stones there are no reliable cut grades awarded to princess cut diamonds? To what extent would you consider diamonds not supplied through Blue Nile? How would you compare cut?


Finally, bear in mind that 0.50 carats is a critical threshold for price/carat. All else being equal, a 0.51 will cost 30% more than a 0.49, not 3% more.

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Diamonds from blue nile are graded by GCAL and GIA.


Also if you have any suggestions in regards with who I can use as a supplier please do advise. Iam ordering online and shipping to either USA or Malta please take this into consideration.


Also in regards with color I would not prefer going lower than F as the color difference when seen is relatively clear even when mounted.


I has also thought of going with VVS1 as it is within my budget.


In regards with carat I am glad that you were able to provide me this very important info.


In regards with Signature Ideal I know that it is rather vague although I had read quite a few good reviews and thought that they sounded quite good.


Also I did not know about the AGSL being the only qualified gradeder for princess cut.

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It's not that GIA and GCAL aren't qualified to grade the cutting of a princess cut, they simply don't do it. What you are seeing as a cut grade did not come from either of those labs. If you want a cut grade, and you want it from a well regarded lab, AGSL is your only choice.


AGSL princess cuts are lovely but a little hard to find in the market so you won't be able to get a very long list of similar stones to choose from. That said, BN can probably sell you one if you ask but you may need to aim for a more boutique sort of vendor if you want them to work at finding what you want. It's not an easy call.

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