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Diamond Clairity Concern


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I am looking to purchase a diamond for my wife from a physical store (not online). The one that caught my eye is a .90 Carat with a clarity of VS2. Once I got to my computer I Looked at the GIA report and saw there are quite a few inclusions in the table on the report. I started to compare it to other VS2 diamonds and this one seems to have more inclusions than most of the other VS2's. Why is this?


The GIA report number for the diamond I am talking about is 1132554039 (see attached)

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Invariably, GIA graded VS-2's are and will be eye clean.


Having said that, it is important to mention that plotted diagrams are often misleading as they are one-dimensional and do not accurately convey actual size, location, depth, reflectivity, and whether the inclusion(s) can be seen without out magnification.


It would be very helpful if you can visit this store and view this diamond and compare it to other GIA graded VS-2's with fewer inclusion(s).

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I have looked at this diamond in person and I was impressed with it's sparkle and beauty. I was not able to see anything with the naked eye and under a gem scope I did see the inclusions (none with color) so I would assume it would be just as beautiful to her. Another concern I would have would be resale or trade in value of this diamond vs one with less inclusions. Not to say my wife would want to do anything but keep it, but if we were to trade up in a few years would the table inclusions hurt us in that aspect or is the GIA report grade of a VS2 = in all aspects?

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+1 to Barry's first response above


You simply cannot assess the visibility of inclusions from the plot - the clarity grade is by far a better meter.


BTW - the cut on that stone is not "the greatest"; perhaps consider getting below 0.90 (which is a significant threshold as far as price/carat goes) and getting a 0.85 with better cut. This said, if you have seen the stone and like it, go ahead - personal preference play a significant role in choosing a stone.


On value: never ever buy a diamond with the expectation of seeing any of your money back. What you have chosen (popular size, colour, clarity) is about as safe as it can go, but you are likely to see significantly less money if it comes to resale regardless of it. Trade-in/exchange: question for the vendor - and if it is important to you, possibly a point of choice for one vendor vs. another.

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It's important to remember that it isn't the number of inclusions that set the clarity grade. It is more the type and placement. It doesn't sound like you have to worry too much since you saw it in person and couldn't see what was in it with the eye or under magnification.

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