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Will These Side Stones Match At All?


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Hey Guys,


Been gone a while, but plan on swinging by here more often again. Anyway, with these measurements (not focusing on cut) would these two diamonds work as side stones and look proportionate?


1) 3.62 x 3.15 x 2.06 mm


2) 3.48 x 3.46 x 1.95 mm


Is there a ratio or "golden rule" that one should stay in when selecting side stones?

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You may be able to see the difference when loose - one is square, the other one isn't - which in a way brings you to cut once again. Once set, it really depends on how far apart they are set and on the technique used for setting (and on what's in the middle), but the comparison Side-to-Centre-to-Side is most critical with colour and cut appearance, as Neil says.


My rule of thumb for sidestones in a 3-stone ring is tcw sides = 1/2 to 1/3 main stone. This is roughly equivalent to side stones being 50-60% of diameter (or larger dimension) of the centre - assuming same proportions and shape. If you want a "past-present-future" type ring (with three nearly equal stones), then 70-80% of diameter - or ~80-100% of side ctw/centre weight - works reasonably well.

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Thanks guys. You are always great help. Yeah I guess I left out valuable info. They are rectangular/square modified brilliant. They are side stones for a 3 stone ring. I think those assumption were made and the answers were exactly what I needed. Thank you again.

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