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Need Help In Choosing Diamond


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Hi everyone! I'm new here and would like to ask your opinion with this stone:






Pretty much I am looking for a stone with the following:

Carat weight: 0.80 up

Color: H up

Cut: Excellent

Clarity: SI1 up


My budget is $3700.


Thank you and your help is very much appreciated!

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It fits with your criteria. It seems nicely cut, but the inclusions (particularly the crystal in the middle of the table) may be visible, depending on how it is going to be set, your angle of observation and how eagle-eyed you are (or your future mother-in-law is).

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To some extent. The GIA cut grade provides much of that information already (i.e. it will most likely come up with a nice reflector image). The IS will confirm to what extent the diamond is symmetrically cut and to what extent it is a bright or less bright stone.


However, my biggest question regarding the stone is not cut, but clarity: to what extent can you see the inclusion and to what extent does it bother you if you can. No-one can answer this question but you. JA has a pretty good return policy, so if you are in love with the stone order it, check it out for a day or a week and at worst you are out by a return shipping.


If I may ask one question: JA alone has at least another 3 stones with very similar characteristics (round 0.80 or thereabouts, G/SI1, Excellent cut, around $3700). Why did you pick this one? Not that it is particularly troublesome - it's rather typical of its kind, but I'm curious as to why you chose it.

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The reason I picked this diamond is because of its cut/symmetry. From my perspective and judging by the picture, it is the most appealing compared to others. From the 4 Cs, cut is also my first priority, then carat weight, color and finally clarity. In my opinion, nobody will be looking at the ring with a loupe all the time and as long as it is eye clean, then I'd be happy. The price is also appealing at $3450 though I am not sure if I am getting my moneys worth.


I am also considering these diamonds:





Again, I'd appreciate your opinion.



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Um. Not much to choose on. I am attracted by the broader facets and the "older style cut" in the 3rd stone, but I don't understand what the blue thing under the pavilion at 2 o'clock is... If it is just the background showing through, I'd be tempted. However, it is a completely personal choice, at this level.

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The IS looks good, other than a slightly odd artefact at 2 o'clock (black triangle next to the arrow shaft). An inclusion is clearly visible at 10 o'clock in the centre of the diamond - which reinforces my query about whether it would be visible.


I understand that you are not fussed about it, and I am the first one to propose the argument that people don't go around with loupes peering at other people's diamonds, but this seems prominent. Have you asked JA about it?

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Per JA:


We've also had this diamond inspected by one of our graduate gemologists and I have some great feedback to share with you! Your diamond is exceptionally bright and has excellent fire, brilliance, and scintillation! It has a higher/whiter "G" color and faces perfectly eye clean. It has an excellent cut and I have no doubts that you'll find it to look beautiful in any setting.


I just hope they are being honest. But I'll look around first maybe I find something better.

Thanks again davidelevi! I really appreciate your input.

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