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Please Review Idealscope. Comments?


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Hi, I'm looking to purchase my first large diamond and would like some feedback. I feel like I've done a lot of reading and am very close to a purchase.

I requested an idealscope from james allen, and they recently provided the following image. I would like others to review as I'm not an expert.


My main concern is the 2 dark splotches just to the right of the center of the diamond. What is this and will it affect the brightness/sparkle? I've seen several idealscope images and have never seen it before.


It's a 1ct vs1 g excellent cut (ex sym, ex polish) with a gia quality report. Comments/suggestions?



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That IS rather odd. It seems the angle of 2 lower girdle facets is much steeper than it "should" be. This does not match with the "excellent" symmetry grading, since GIA should pick this up and deduct points/lower the grade. However, the only ones who can answer the question in a definitive way are those that have the diamond in hand... it may also be an artifact of the way in which the image has been taken (e.g. someone leaving something - a piece of paper or a pair of tweezers - blocking the light in that point).

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I'm going to guess it's an artifiact of the photogrqaph. You've got the same thing to a lesser degree in several of the other similar places as well. It's concievable that it's related to the symmetry but, given the GIA x grade, this seems unlikely to me.

Ask the JA people about it. I'm not sure who is taking their photos for them but they sould consider retaking this one.

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