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Maybe. You forgot to tell us what colour and clarity... for a D/VVS1 it's a total bargain; for a K/I1 it's a rip-off.


One point: if you are looking around different sellers, focus on how much they want you to spend in addition to your trade-in, not on how much they are "giving" you for the trade-in. There are too many moving parts otherwise.

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Price of your "new" stone is in the ballpark. The problem with SI1 prices is that the price reflects both cut AND inclusion visibility (eye-cleanness), so the range is quite broad (~$25k to $18k for GIA-XXX no fluorescence) and overlaps with the "Very Good" cut range ($20-16k). The fact that you are at the bottom of the "excellent" range makes me think that one of the following is a possibility:


1. The inclusion is somewhat visible

2. The cut is borderline Very Good (or has some other less-than-commercially-desirable attribute)

3. You have won the lottery - or at least found a very good price.


All of those are a possibility; with the information you have provided, we can't rule any of those out. Have you seen the stone? Has the seller provided you with any info that can help around #1 and 2 above?


Please note that neither #1 nor #2 is a deal killer; I prefer the look of some "very good" cut diamonds to that of some "excellent", and I have a reasonable tolerance for inclusions that are not obtrusive.


One final remark: $7k as part exchange sounds reasonable (similar stones will retail for $8k or so "unbranded", and around $9k for a premium cut brand) - but have you checked what Whiteflash may be willing to do? Again, don't go for just a higher "part exchange" offer, but you may be able to wring a better deal for a similar stone (or even the same stone!) there...


ETA: or if it is an "old" ACA, what Brian Gavin may be willing to do as well!

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Wf was willing to give me the 5500 I paid for stone. They had another aca 2.054 stone that was north of 20k.


I have seen the stone. Eye clean. Some small twinning wisps on top but nothing major. Very good looking stone. It is an triple ex stone with medium girdle and no fluor. The other option at this store was a pgs premium cut stone si3. It was 14k. I color. Looked a lot rougher than my current option. Giving me 7k for my ags 0 aca white flash stone. I will have 12 k out of pocket for the Gia triple ex stone.

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thanks for all your help.. great site.


finally have all the measurement details. table 58%, depth 61%. girdle thin to sl thick, faceted. all seems ok. you are correct, at upper end of ideal measurements but still well within....


thanks again.

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