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Mom Gave Me Diamond


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Mom gave me a diamond ring with an appraisal from 1993 showing a retail value of $5490. 14k gold band with a center diamond of .77 carrots. Any idea what it's worth now via appreciation. I know that's a tough question being you can't see it but if I could get a ballpark? I plan on taking it in for an appraisal but don't want to get ripped off if I want to sell trade it in.


All input is welcome!!





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I'm afraid a 1993 appraisal for unspecified purposes (presumably insurance/replacement) is completely useless as a basis to determine resale value 20 years later. Diamonds don't appreciate uniformly - if they do at all - and details matter a lot in this business.


If on the appraisal you have some indication of colour and clarity, or if you have a grading report from a lab you can use the Diamond Finder to get online retail prices for similar stones.


The setting - which may well have been a significant part of the appraisal replacement value - is unlikely to be worth much more than its scrap value, unfortunately.


Finally, don't take the diamond for appraisal to a jeweller. As you point out, there is a conflict of interest. Use an independent appraiser that does not sell jewellery, and make sure he/she understands that the appraisal is for resale (to a jeweller or a consumer) so that you get a proper indication of what you are likely to get - which is a fair amount less than the retail price.

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