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Hi there,


Ok so I'm new to this whole diamond thing and I'm really confused.

I've been looking at engagement rings for the last few weeks and I found my dream ring last Saturday in hatton gardens. It was 1.06 carat altogether, that included a cushion cut stone in the middle and two smaller pear shaped stones on either side. We were told it was D/sv1 and egl graded. We were earlier told to only buy a GIA certified ring so we didn't end up purchasing my dream ring as we were unsure of the meaning of these certificates.

The ring was priced at £4,400 ish but she was giving it to us for £3.600. After we left that shop I went into another Jewelers and tried almost the identical ring on and it cost £9000 and was GIA certified.


The point I'm trying to make is does it really matter about the cert? I just loved that egl ring and I'm scared to buy it now. What could the consequences be of buying an egl ring?


Any advice would be appreciated.



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No consequences at all. Buy what you love. The issue that raises all of the red flags is price, which is not a gemological property. EGL/D/VS1 is not the same thing as a GIA/D/VS1 any more than a used Hundai is the same thing as a new Mercedes. Both are cars, both have the same number of wheels, the speed limit will be same either way. To some people it makes a big difference. Others not so much. Not everyone chooses the same thing. Most people who ask questions here are driven by price and they've been told that EGL is a way to save money. This is relying on some false assumptions and countering those assumptions is what leads to all of the anti-EGL advice you find. There's nothing at all inferior or even different about EGL graded stones. EGL didn't make them any mre than GIA did. They're rocks. What's different is the way they're described and the way they're priced.

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Or to put it another way: the price for a GIA report is about USD100/GBP60, plus shipping and a wait of a couple of months. Let's be generous, and call it GBP500. (Here is GIA's price list: www.gia.edu/lab-reports-services/fees_payment/lab_fees/Lab-Fee-Schedule-Diamond-US.pdf)


If the only difference were "the paper", everybody would spend £500, get a GIA report and earn £4,000 in the process. Clearly, this is not the case, since there are plenty of EGL graded diamonds, and they generally go for far less than identically described GIA-graded diamonds.


Does it matter? Only to the extent that you cannot compare them (and in the case of EGL graded stones, you cannot compare them across EGL labs or even the same lab) without further examination.

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Difference in the diamond - no. They don't age or wear, other than through knocks and falls, but those are mercifully independent of the lab that has graded them. One potential exception is if the diamond is clarity enhanced through fracture filling - the adhesive and the glass compound are not as stable as the diamond, and may change colour or fail altogether. EGL will grade a glass filled diamond, GIA will not (precisely because the treatment is not seen as permanent).


The setting is a completely different story - but again it is not dependent on the lab.

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