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Toronto Gta Jewelry Appraisers/dealers


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Hello all, great site. It's already answered a few questions.

I inherited my Mother's wedding ring purchased in Germany in 1947 which while very nice means little to me as I have other mementos that are much better. It is 14K gold and platinum with two sapphires and a single diamond.




I have a valuation certificate from Gemscan in Toronto dated 2005. After reading here that the valuation maybe over or under, on the other hand some say that the valuation maybe okay. I'm a little scattered on it.So I need some advice.


Does anyone have some insight as to who to try in the GTA to either (A) get another valuation or (B)sell/consign the ring to. I live in Barrie, On. so if there is someone up here all the better. I'm looking to buy my wife a surprise anniversary ring so the funds of a sale would help.


Would someone hazard a guess in the increased/decreased valuation of the current Gemscan rating if they believe it may be close.


I've attached a scan of the Valuation.

If you could email me directly at sdunnage@rogers.com


Thank You


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It's not a matter of increase or decrease in value. what they're describing is their estimate of what it would cost to replace that item with another one like it new, at retail, in 2005. I"ve no clue if they accurately described taht but it simply doesn't apply to your situation. It's not new, you're not a retailer, it's not being custom made as a re[;acement, and it's not 2005. I don't know the Toronto market but here in the US, if that description is reliable, you will be hard pressed to sell it for much more than the value of the gold in 2012.

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Since we’re having threadjacks today, I’ll give some interesting hints on dating that piece. I can’t give a circa date on a piece I haven’t seen but there are several interesting clues from what I’m reading.



1) 14k means American. 14k with platinum instead of white gold means pre-war (before 1941).


2) Synthetic sapphires were very popular circa 1920 and dropping of rather steeply up to the 50s.


3) Gents ring. Big from the 1890’s all the way through the 20’s, pretty much ending with the depression and not so much in the 30’s. Even less in the 40’s. That's when jewelry became pretty much exclusively a chick thing. Mens jewelry has been on a fairly steady downward slide ever since (much to the disappointment of the jewelers).


4) European cut diamond. Standard from about the turn of the century through the 20s and then less and less popular with the advent of new tools and designs until they became seen as an interesting antique. They’re getting more popular now by the way.


5) 0.18ct diamond. The diamond isn’t really the feature of this piece, the design is. It’s a flashy piece with a discrete diamond. This usually means post-depression.

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