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I've been searching for weeks for an e-ring, mostly online, and may have found 'the one' but I'd like some input from the experts! It can be found here:




Cut is really important to me but I'd rather not pay the premium for a Signature Ideal diamond, A Cut Above, etc. The diamond above seems to fit my criteria, with D clarity to boot! (I wouldn't be opposed to finding a slightly larger diamond in H but BN doesn't have many AGS certs). My price range is $4-4.5k


Here is the response from the vault manager/blue nile that has me second guessing:


VM: The diamond has been inspected and the vault manager notified us that this diamond has eye visible inclusions to the trained eye. The inclusion color is white. "Eye clean" means that a layperson examining the diamond face-up from a distance of six to eight inches would not be able to see any inclusions, but it is not a guarantee that no inclusions would ever be visible no matter how closely you scrutinized the diamond. If you want assurance that the diamond's inclusions would never be visible no matter closely examined, I would recommend choosing a diamond with at least VS2 clarity.

BN: Based on their observation, if you inspected this diamond closely, from all angles, you may be able to see the natural inclusions in the diamond. Because they are white in color and are characterized as clouds, feather, and a crystal, it may be difficult to see if you don't know what or where you need to look to find these inclusions


Should I avoid this diamond? Should I try to get more info? I really don't want any visible inclusions but I also have an untrained eye. Might these inclusions affect the brilliance of the diamond?

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The premium you pay for most of those brands is not actually because of the better cut quality: it's because of the greater amount of service (i.e. selection by a pro, photographs, GemEx scans, return privileges, trade-in programmes, whatever else). Picking AGS ideal cut is a good way to shortcut the process, but as you have noticed it narrows down the number of stones on offer. You can find equally well cut diamonds without those things, but it will cost you time (and time is money). Your choice... Unfortunately there is no optimal solution.


The issue you seem to have here, though, is clarity, not cut, and that would have been an issue with any "branded" SI2. Blue Nile will not see the diamond, ever. On the other hand, they do have a very good and fuss-free return process, so all that you are out of is a return shipping charge if things don't pan out.


Last, but not least, inclusions "below" I2 will not affect the brilliance of the stone, except in a few very rare cases. Those will not be detectable without direct observation, unfortunately, but will be apparent to an expert and your stone does not seem to fall in one of those cases.

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D/SI2 is kind of an unusual combination. That is to say, it’s not a particularly popular combination. ‘Popular’ is not a synonym for 'better' and by all means buy what you like but that D comes with a substantial premium and it does raise the question of how you landed here rather than, say, G/SI2 or H/SI1 since price seems to be one of your hot buttons.


You’re correct that BN sells a lot more GIA stones than AGSL but you’ve surely also noticed that they have tons of competitors. Why not shop with someone else if they don’t have what you want? Your specs don't seem all that difficult to fill.

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Thanks for the input! Based on it I decided to go a different route. I've come across the following diamond at good old gold:




With this setting:




SInce cut is most important to me, I love the array of tests GOG performs on their diamonds. This one seems to have performed exceptionally well! Being an SI2, a rep said the inclusion on the perimeter can easily be covered up and the cloud in the center is VERY hard to see. He said it would grade nearly an IF for clarity after covering up the perimeter blemish under a prong.


The settings' pave diamonds will be about .1 carats a piece. Is that a good size next to a .8 center stone? I like the setting but I don't want it to look cheap (diamonds too small, poor quality, etc) and its already topping what I want to spend. Gabriel and Co. seems to be a good company.


Did I make a good choice?

Thanks in advance!

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The GOG stone has two significant advantages: 1) you have photos, including microscope photos with arrows pointing at the inclusions, so you can see whether someone is pulling a fast one, and 2) someone who actually has the stone in hand is talking to you. (Plus - don't tell my boss - GOG is actually a pretty good place to buy a diamond, and this one is definitely very well cut).


The one thing I would object to is that calling an SI2 "nearly flawless other than for the prongable feather and a thin cloud" is a bit like calling a J colour white, other than its slight yellow tint. I am the first one to say that the way diamonds are graded makes no sense - particularly for the consumer - but graded in a certain way they are.


BTW - you are definitely paying a "premium" compared to cheapest available equivalent, but it is a couple of hundreds, and the extra service/certainty/time saved would make me willing to pay it.


The pavé stones are more like 0.01 - there's 8 or 9 of them on either side for a TCW of 0.20 in the whole ring. They'll be fine if you want pavé; if you want side stones it's a different kettle of fish.


I don't know the company making the setting, but this means very little. In any case, I would recommend that you use GOG to do the setting, independently of where you purchase the ring (and GOG may well deal with your chosen brand anyway), not because of any doubts about the setting or the jeweller, but because this way you have one firm that is clearly responsible for anything that happens - from delays to breakages.

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