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Good Deal Or No Deal


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At the time we purchased our diamond we were not filled with knowledge as we are now. I wanted to ensure that we got a good deal. When we left there I felt we got an amazing deal and once we got home I was starting to have my doubts. Here are all the specs on the diamond, please let me know what you think. I am driving myself and my husband nuts not to mention the jewelers who has offered to do a price match BUT the specs have to be in her words "apples to apples". And the requirements for what we need to obtain we're not so sure other jewelers will be willing to do.


We purchased a Round Brilliant 1.02 carat, Color G, Clarity is I1 (but its so crisp, there is just one small inclusion line that is hidden by the prongs), Polish/Symmetry are Ideal. Brilliance, Dispersion and Scintillation are all three ideal as well. It has been certified by dia-lab (Independent Gemological Laboratories) and also OGI FireTrace.


Dimension 06.43-06.46x04.03 MM

Tableper 56.3

Crown 15.5

Pavilion 43.1

Girdle THIN

Depth 62.5

Culet NONE

Fluorescence NONE


We purchased the diamond for $6200, good deal or did we pay too much?


Thanks in advance to all!!

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I"ve never heard of the lab. Have you? That's the heart of the issue. You've chosen to rely on them for some critical 'facts' and not all labs are the same in terms of reliability. That doesn't make them wrong, but the burden is on THEM to convince you that their opinions have merit.

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Thanks Denver for your response. Like I mentioned I am new to the whole "diamond scene", so I was at the time content with the certification until then researching that where the certificate comes from does make a difference. This is the link to their site.



The purchase was made in an actual store, I am not a fan of purchasing a diamond online without actually seeing it in the flesh.

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Looking at it from a slightly different point of view (but reaching very much the same conclusion as Neil):


There's over 200 1.0x G/I1 diamonds listed on the Diamond Finder. Only one of them is priced above $5000 (and not by much). The one at the lowest price is $1311. This leads me to think you may have overpaid anyway. The question is whether you "overpaid" by a little - which could be reasonable, considering that you shopped in a brick-and-mortar store and not online, and this means higher costs for the dealer - or a lot. And it may be really a lot. The answer depends on the details of what you bought - which are not particularly well defined...


Incidentally, if you bought the diamond a short while ago (say less than a week or two) and the merchant is refusing to return your money, this is not a good sign.

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I hadn't even noticed the specs before I wrote my answer. That's how important the lab is. If that's not solid, the rest is irrelevant. That said, it's pretty easy to find a 1.0x/G/I-1 for less money than that even if you assume details we don't have, like accurate grading, top end of the I1 clarity range, and excellent cutting. This is not a particularly difficult set of specs for other jewelers to meet. As I'm sure you know, this is a conversation best had BEFORE you ink a deal and have the stone set. If it's a done deal, you don't gain much by stressing at this point. Be happy. If it's returnable and you want to do some legwork, you can almost certainly save a bit of money with some effort. You might even be able to save a fair amount by working that same dealer. Complain. Print out a few ads for GIA graded stones with similar or better specs being offered by competitors and see what they have to say. As Davide points out, sooner is better for this sort of thing.


Here's a good set of specs for your 'apples to apples' comparator.


GIA only



1.00 - 1.10cts

excellent cutting

very good or excellent symmetry and polish

none or faint fluorescence

no black spots under the table.

no extremes on the girdle thickness (ex thin, ex thick)

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