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Black Spot On Diamond


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It is most likely to be a spot of dirt; diamonds are grease magnets, and dirt sticks to grease. Try cleaning the diamond in warm water with a little dish soap; leave to soak for a while, then use a soft toothbrush to brush the stone all over, particularly on the pavilion ("bottom"). Or take it to a jeweller and ask them to clean it professionally.


If the spot does not go away, it was there before - you simply haven't noticed it until now (but unfortunately will keep noticing it from now on). Diamonds don't grow spots or pimples.


One third option is that the diamond was clarity enhanced, and the enhancement - which is basically glass filling - has fallen off, so now you see an inclusion that was masked beforehand.


If cleaning does not sort it out, take a look at the paperwork: it should tell you whether it was clarity enhanced, and you may have a grading report from a lab with an inclusion plot showing a crystal or other inclusion where you are now seeing the dot.

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