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Diamonds Keep Falling Out Of My New Ring!


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My fiancee bought my ring last June at a one day only event where the jeweler was only there that one time. The ring is supposed to be custom, they told us that when they make a ring with that band they destroy the mold and never make that ring again. He gave me the ring in January and since then I have had four diamonds come out of it. The first two times it happened were before I had it resized. The store I bought it from tried to blame it first on me, that I was abusing the ring. But the sales lady looked at it and said that there was no way that was true because there are no scratches on the gold or anything. I don't where it to bed or in the shower or when I cook or anything, I'm very careful with it. Next they tried to blame it on the fact that I had it sized down one size. They say that this makes the diamonds come out all the time, that they will just keep falling out because I had it resized. Isn't there something that they can do to make them secure, and shouldn't they do it? Next they have tried telling me that some rings are just that way, but that seems like an excuse. Every time I take it in they send it in to their same "reputable" jeweler. But the third time that I took the ring in for a missing diamond the manager of the store put a very clear note on the paper to thoroughly check the ring top to bottom and see if there was anything that could be done to fix it. So I get the ring back and guess what? The diamond is still missing and apparantely the jeweler has not even looked at it. So they immediatly make all kinds of excuses for him and they refuse to send it to a different jeweler. This company is supposed to be very reputable, we went to them because of their reputation for quality. I am at my end, I'm not a jeweler and I don't know what to do. We have the insurance on the ring so everything is payed for but it seems like their trying to get out of actually fixing the problem. They even went so far as to try and convince me to buy a ring from their display case in the store which was extremely insulting considering this is supposed to be a one of a kind ring. What should I tell the store I want done to my ring? What will fix the problem?



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