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J Si2 5.02 Good Cut


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You haven't told us who has graded it "J/SI2/Good cut".


Assuming it is GIA, it is priced right at the bottom of the range of similarly graded stones, which is NOT a good sign. The "good" cut is not particularly good (probably around the bottom 10% of current production), and the since it's an SI2 clarity the low price may also indicates that the inclusions are visible.


If the grade comes from some other lab, then all bets are off.

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Probably not. The devil is ALWAYS in the details in this business and I'm guessing by the style of the question that you're cutting and pasting from some advertisement somewhere and you're seller chose to omit some critical details. What details? For starters, who graded it, when, and under what circumstances?


J, SI2, 5.00 and Good are all important boundaries in the diamond world. Drop that just one grade each to K/I1/4.80/Fair and you have made a drastic change in the description (although it doesn't change the stone at all. It is what it is no matter what the grader says). Drop it more and it gets even worse. If all you've got is what you've provided and you're on the buying side of this deal, I wouldn't even consider it. There's a lot of money on the table here and we're talking about an ad that looks like a text message. If you're the seller, best of luck with it but I would start with a better pedigree or at least a better advertisement. Either way, this sounds like a non-starter to me.

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