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Advice On Purchasing 1St Diamond Enagement Ring From Ebay Pleeease


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Hi all,


I spotted this on ebay.com in the weekly deal section..


It says retails $4,500 - deal price $1499




I have never purchased anything as extravagant as a diamond especially online and have zinch knowledge of the jewlery market, I have read up on a couple of guides on your forum and found them really useful but still am indecisive as to if this is really a good deal or not...


It says certification and grading from AGI - which is not a well known company but there website looks legit and professional.


Any advice or comments would be greatly appreicated as I am clueless and dont want to be mislead by a fancy advert and discounted price. Thank You :)) Gemma x

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Pay attention to that little word 'enhanced' next to the clarity. It's a big deal.


What it 'retails for' is completely irrelevant. Actually it's less than irrelevant. It's deceptive. They can charge whatever they want, and they might even get it, but saying that something is regularly some price that no one has ever paid anywhere and then using that as evidence of a bargain is just nonsense.


AGI is an advertising company for jewelers. It's good to have the jeweler make a statement about the quality of what they're selling and it's good to have it in writing but it's no more or less than a statement from the jeweler. Do not view this as in any independent and there's nothing 'certified' about it.

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