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Is This A Good Price For A Tolkowsky


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Number: 990743419




Diamond Total Weight: 5/8 CT.


Primary Diamond Cut: IDEAL-CUT ROUND


Primary Diamond Color: HI


Primary Diamond Clarity: SI2-I1


Primary Diamond Setting: PRONG SETTING


Primary Diamond Weight: 1/3 CT.


Primary Diamond Certification: YES


Primary Diamond Gemscribe: YES


Diamond Sidestone Cuts: 12 ROUNDS


Diamond Sidestone Minimum Color: HI


Diamond Sidestone Settings: PAVE SETTING


I am looking to by this ring very soon and not trying to ripped off in the process please help me out.

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There's a number of interesting questions here...


1. Who graded the diamond?

2. The price difference between an H/SI2 and an I/I1 can be 50% or more - assuming GIA grading for both

3. 1/3 carat may mean slightly below or above 0.30, not necessarily 0.33... which again will cause a significant price difference


Without having a precise answer to at least these three questions, it's a bit of a guessing exercise. For your entertainment - if noting else - take a look at prices of similar stones on the Diamond Finder, and see how prices change between GIA and EGL, H and I, SI2 and I1, 0.28 and 0.32...


ETA: don't be taken in by the brand name, unless you value it.

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Tolkowsky is an old and well regarded brand that has licensed their name to the mass retailers. It's kind of like Rolls Royce introducing a brand of skateboards. It's a good enough line, as I'm sure RR skateboards would be, but I can't say I would pay much of a premium for it if it were me.


You asked about the stone, rather than about the ring. Was that deliberate? We don't know much and what we do know is light. Shopping it agains lab graded stones is going to be difficult because of the size (0.3x) but $1800 seems like a lot in any case for a reported I1/I.


FWIW, that's not Pave setting.

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