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Diamond Price

Rosie Madaschi

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hey everyone


im new here and was wondering if you could give me your opinion on a diamond im looking to buy. HRD certification



1.80 ct

H colour


proportions EX

polish EX

symmetry EX

flourescence NIL

measurements 7.80 - 7.84 x 4.77

girdle medium 4.0%

cutlet pointed

total depth 61 %

table width 62 %


price 24,030 AUD (australian dollars)


i was also wondering what a diamond with these qualities would cost with a GIA certificate


expert opinions/advice only please


thanks :)

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I'm not clear on what you would like to know. It looks like a lovely stone. HRD 'proportions' is a different metric than the GIA 'cut grade' and although they're similar, they don't directly convert and I"m not all that up on how HRD looks at things. The specs you've included certainly encompass some great looking rocks but it also includes some that I would call marginal. Overall I've found HRD to be a pretty good lab and since they're who you chose to rely on, presumably you have too. Is there a particular reason you're questioning them or are you just fishing around after the fact to see if you got a 'deal'?


In terms of price comparison with a similarly described GIA stone, it's easy enough using the Diamond Finder link at the top of the page. Bear 2 things in mind when doing this. The stones listed here are all in the US and there's a tax associated with the import into Australia. If you're going to be fair in price comparisons, make sure to include that tax. Secondly, 'respected retailers' generally cost more than the cut rate internet houses for a variety of reasons, some of them pretty good. Whether it's worth the cost in your case is not a gemological property.

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i just wanted to know if this seemed like a fair price for the diamond, considering its specs and the fact that its a retail price


obviously in regards to HRD and GIA there is so much information going around about which labs offer the best grading service. one thing i have read is that HRD diamonds cost less than GIA ones, hence my curiousity about the price of my diamond if it were GIA. so far from what i can gather from different sites, there isnt too much difference


GIA is definitely more common in australia, but i lived in italy for 5 years and the best jewelers used HRD. ive been told by about 90% of the jewelers that ive spoken to (in italy and australia) that HRD is basically just the european GIA equivilant. im more than happy to go with either


one thing for sure is that diamonds cost considerably more in australia, something i have learnt throughout my travels. im in south korea at the moment and the diamond prices are very good, as they were in all the european countries i have been to. i guess to some it may seem silly to spend the extra money to buy from a respected retailer, but its worth it to me having the comfort of knowing im purchasing from a store that only deals with the highest quality of diamonds (not to say that high quality diamonds cant be purchased off the internet)

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I think HRD is a good outfit. That’s not the same as saying they’re ‘right’ any more than I would say GIA is right just because of their name. You are choosing an expert to rely on for an important grading opinion and you’re betting a fair amount of money on that opinion. This means choose your expert carefully. To the extent that you’re going to do this selection by interviewing jewelers, polling internet sites, or chatting on Internet blogs, be aware that we ALL come from different agendas and you need to pay attention to who THOSE advisers are and where they’re coming from. ‘4 out of 5 jewelers surveyed’ is NOT a reasonable methodology.


Australia has import taxes on diamonds. As far as I know, Korea does not. Most of Europe does not. The US does not. Lots of places have various levels of VAT that are built into the prices. In some it can get pretty high, like 25%. In the US we’ve got sales taxes that range from zero to about 10% depending on where both you and the merchant are. I don’t know how that works in Korea but my understanding is that in Australia it’s pretty steep.


Diamonds aren’t particularly perishable and they ship around easily. This means that location has amazingly little to do with the pricing. The difference between Belgium, South Africa, Japan, and rural South Dakota is a $50 FedEx fee. The differences in pricing has to do with taxes, infrastructure (banking fees, security costs and such), the retailer’s overhead, and grading standards. Every single time I hear someone say that prices are ‘better’ in Belgium, Africa, India, New York, at a particular store or whatever, the difference falls into one of these areas. Routinely when you factor them out, the cost of the stone itself is MORE at the places that promote their address as a pricing feature because they’re trying to mask the real differences. I don’t have any problem at all with the idea that some dealers deliver more than others in terms of their value-add and they deserve to be paid more for it but to blanketly say that diamonds are cheaper in country X than country Y is setting yourself up for trouble.


It's also worth bearing mind that if you are an Australian resident shopping overseas, you will be expected to pay the taxes when you return home. You may or may not choose to duck those taxes but that's between you and the taxman. It's not a function of the overseas dealer.

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One other point to bear in mind: any difference in price between a GIA or an HRD diamond is NOT due to the grading lab. A GIA report will cost USD110 + shipping on a diamond of the size you are considering, and an HRD report is not free either (and requires shipping too), so the difference in cost is less than USD100.


Current GIA fee schedule is here: www.gia.edu/lab-reports-services/fees_payment/lab_fees/Lab-Fee-Schedule-Diamond-US.pdf

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