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New Here Seeking Advice And Have Been Browsing This Site For Hours


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Hi All,


Please do not flame me. i have been searching the site for a while and have some questions.


1 imparticular.


i am going to be looking at and hoefully purschasing a diamond.


it is through spence. ya ya i know.


they originally showed me a .72 princess cut "j" with "Si2" clarity. for $3300 lol high wasnt it?


since then i have found a .72 princess cut with "i" colour and "vvs1" clarity for $3415, funny its at spence too.


now my big question is i saw a 1 carat princess cut stone in a comparsion that was done in front of me.


i was then told the second diamond noted above was almost the same dimensions length and width as the 1 carat.


the .72 measures 5.39mm length and 5.21mm width


now my question is how is this possible and what issues might there be with the length and width of a .72 almost the same as a 1cwt.


are they pushing dead old no good stock on me?

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We don't have enough information to even begin to give a straight answer. Diamonds have more than two dimensions and a constant density. This means that if you compare 2 stones with the same length and width and different weight, some other dimension is different is well. It could be the depth, the bulge, the girdle thickness, the crown or a combination of these things. These ALL affect the way the cutting looks. The dimensions you gave are sort of typical for a 0.72 and are serious outliers for a 1.00 so in your comparison, I would expect it to be more likely that the 'issues', if any, are with the 1ct that's being used as the comparison sample.


Are they pushing old stock? Maybe, maybe not. I see no evidence either way but even if they are, what's so bad about that?


Pay attention to who did the grading. J and SI2 are both on important boundaries for most people. That is to say, the difference between a J/SI2 and a K/I1 is pretty important and you should be aware of who made that decision.

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Thank you for the responses.


I was just curious what some of you pro's might think about the comparison as the length and width of the .72 is almost the same as a 1cwt of the saem cut.


I also feel like im getting a "deal" seeing as they wanted to sell me a .72 I/SI2 for $3300 and i got this .72 I/VVS2 for $3415


i looked at it last ngiht and it looks fantastic to my eye and the size is good too.


thanks again

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I already answered the size question above although perhaps someone else will want to add something.


A VVS2 for about the same price as an SI2 is only a deal if:


1) You care about the difference between VVS2 and SI2 and there are no other variables that are important to you that affect the difference. The right price on the wrong thing is no bargain.


2) You have reason to trust the grading of both stones. Just because someone called it a VVS2 (or an SI2), doesn't make it so.

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Prices on the Diamond Finder for 0.70-0.75 princess cuts


J/SI2: $1645 - $891

I/VVS2: $2957 - $1118


the ranges overlap, but there are a number of things that aren't quite comparable: EGL vs. GIA report; fluorescence, cut quality (which goes way beyond "size") are all important and will impact the price.


Did you get a bargain? Probably not (see prices above). Was the J/SI2 a worse deal? Probably yes.

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Thanks everyone. I see that i didnt get a bargain. i see i probably overpaid by about $400, which i feel is ok for what it is.


glad i didnt get ripped and accept the J/Si2 for $3300.


i will post pictures of it as soon as i get it for you all.


upon inspection it looked really good and the fire and brilliance just on the desk on a cloth was great. i could see the slight yellow to it when compared to a H of bigger size, but thats ok with me.


The full details of what i have are


Cutlet: none

Depth: 3.03mm

Length: 5.39mm

Width: 5.20mm

Girdle: slightly thick


i calculate the depth percentage to be approx 58.3% and am happy with that. slightly shallow but it looked great to my eye.

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