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Help Me To Pick One Or None.


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Hello. I need help to pick a diamond..


I have been searching/researching just a bit and came across two diamond.


1. 1 Carat, Very good Cut, I color, SI2, Depth 59.7%, Table 62%, 6.43*6.48*3.85, Crown Angle: 33.5°, Pavilion Angle: 41.2°


2. 1.03 Carat, Very good Cut, H color, SI2, Depth 59.9%, Table 55%, 6.56*6.67*3.97, Crown Angle: 28°, Pavilion Angle: 41.8°


Obviously not a lot of price differences #2 is like $150 more.

I would really appreciate it if you could tell me like which one is better, why or none of them, why.

Please understand if my question is dumb...or inappropriate cause i just registered to the site and first time posting.


Thank you very much for you help in advance.

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Not a dumb question at all. Three key points to make:


1. Grading: who is calling the stones H and I SI2, VG cut? I'll assume it's GIA. If not, can you trust the vendor to describe the stones accurately? If not, back to square 0. But assuming it IS GIA, then


2. Clarity. Many SI2 look perfectly eye-clean to a casual and not-so-casual observer. Many don't. Some look rather horrible. What do these look like? Is one better than the other? The only way to answer that question for sure is by seeing the stones - no amount of paper will tell you, and photographs can be deceptive.


3. Cut - and size. Despite being called "very good" cut, neither diamond actually seems to be very well cut (on paper - I haven't seen them!). I would think you'd do better - possibly much better - by letting size slip below the 1.00 carat range, and getting a top flight cut. As well as being a lot more beautiful, it will probably look larger too.

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Thank you for your help.

Yes, They are GIA certified.

Well, would love to see and compare, but I am trying to buy from internet so, it can't be done.

And, yea.. I know I should either decrease the carat or increase the budget but, just can't do.

So I assume, there is no way of picking one from these two option?

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Of course you can compare - ask the vendor what they think... it's a lot better than nothing, particularly if the vendor actually has the stones in hand. You can also ask for photographs and videos. As a last point, you can always consider that you are not buying the diamond - you are purchasing a fortnight (or a month) of time to make up your mind once you see the diamond(s) for the price of return postage.


There are 1440 diamonds 1.00-1.05 carat GIA graded H-I/SI2 listed on the Diamond Finder here. Prices go from about $2800 to over $7000 - there is a reason for most of the differences in price, and I wonder on what basis you have gone from 1400 down to 2... there's plenty of other options!


If you were constrained to these 2 - and I really don't think you are, like I don't think you are really constrained to a 1.00+ carat stone - I would not feel comfortable with either one on paper. The cut is better on the first one, but we have no way of telling whether the inclusions are better, worse or the same, and in any case, whether they are acceptable to you and your SO or not!

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