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Ok Now That I Understand The Gia Grading Parameters A Bit Better, Can You Guys Help Me Out On Which One Of These Make More Sense.. Thanks


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on one hand, i have a .69 round brilliant cut.. its an



GIA tripple excellent

depth 62.5

table 56

crown 36

pavilion 41

girdle medium 3%

star 50

lower half 75

clarity characteristcs pinpoint


5.65 x 5.68


selling for $3600


on the other hand i have a


.80 round brilliant cut .. its an



Gia tripple excellent

depth 62.3

table 57

crown 35

pavilion 41

girdle medium 3.5%

star 50

lower half 80

clarity characteritscs cloud, crystal


5.91 x 5.95


selling for $4100


now how much am i really gettiing in size and giving up in color and clarity to get the bigger stone for $500 more... ??


in other words.. :):)


is it worth it to spend the $500 to get the bigger stone...


do you really see a drop off when you go to a g and a VS2 ?


thanks guys..,. i am trying my very best to do my due dilligence so that when i make this massive purchase... (im not a rich kid.. lol.. ) i will feel confident in my purchase...



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There's a premium for F. There's another a premium for VVS1 (you're jumping three grades here). There's a discount for being under 0.70cts. If you matched the clarity and color it would be even more than the $500 you're seeing. Is it worth it to you? That's for you to decide but I would consider each element separately rather than trying to do them all as an aggregate worth $500. Few people who are seriously price conscious end up with either VVS1 or F but I certainly wouldn't say there's anything wrong with it. That's a taste thing.

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As Neil said, the price is a function of more than one thing. Will you see the difference? VS2 to VVS1 not without a loupe. G to F not when set unless you are looking for it and know how to look (and even then...). 5.65 to 5.95 mm depends on your visual acuity, but in general yes. Is it worth extra money? Your call, but by the same reasoning you could spend quite a bit less by getting a 0.6x G/VS2...


Here's two circles - one is 5.7 mm in diameter, the other 6.0 (at 100% magnification; the forum is enlarging the image about 2x). Bear in mind that depending on the setting you choose, the visual impression may change considerably.



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ahhh.. this is all making sense now...

ok heres another quick question... honestly.. my girl is not superficial whatsover.. but if i am going to be putting this in a channelset type of setting, will a .60 ct round brilliant be big enough to stand on its own without looking too small?? i know some will reply that my quesition makes no sense because everyone is different and has different standards in what they want for a size of a diamond. but just still asking..


just worried it would be too small... thanks for the help





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I just had a client in with a solitaire ring set with a 0.04ct I2 center stone. She loved it. It's the ring she's had her whole adult life. It's the one her now late husband gave her when he didn't have any money and she wouldn't have given it up for the world. That's what this stuf is for. There is no such thing as too small just as there is no such thing as too big. FWIW, I think the stastical average engagement ring center stone in the US is just under 0.50cts.

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You got it. If she doesn't understand that you've got a budget for this sort of thing then you've got bigger problems than diamonds. Buy what you can afford.


Another FWIW. EVERYONE has a budget, even people where the number is large. There's effectively no upper limit to what you can spend and you simply must draw a line somewhere. Where that line belongs is between you, your sweetie, and your accountant, not your jeweler.

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ha.... too funny.. but you are right.. so real quick, only if you have the time.. today i went out to see if i could find a diamond with a really nice cut in a store. I just wanted to see something that performed really well to get an idea of what it looks like in real life. most of my research has been online, and as you know its hard to tell what it looks like. :)


here is what I just found.



round brilliant

lazare diamond


ags ideal across the board 0



54.8 table

61.9 depth

34.5 crown

40.7 pavilion

1.5 to 3.8% girdle facted

star 55

lower half 74


they were asking $5200 but i said no way... and then she came back at $4700


now i just put the specs in the holloway cut when i came home and it came out at a 1.1

i also used the diamond finder tool up above and i saw quite a few on blue nile right around the same price.


Whats your opinion on it? is it a sound deal? if so I could probably erase my nerves in buying a diamond as I was able to see it sparkle in real life. I have a feeling this 'lazare" name is a brand name but the diamond did look real nice. had just a small little crystal/cloud that i could barely see with the loupe.. no way i could see it with the naked.


thanks guys..

much love for all of your advice


i feel i am getting close.. :)




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"Lazare" is neither here nor there - what matters far more (to me at least) is the AGS 000 and the fact that from the measures on the report it sounds like a nice diamond. You can find similar ones online for somewhat less money, but as you point out there is some value in seeing the item. IF the seller can come up with a good deal on the setting as well, it's worth considering, in my opinion.

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i just wanna thank you guys for all of your help.. I think next week I am going to go in and grab it up.. im gonna offer them $4700 out the door including the tax. That would put the price right around $4400 which is the best deals i see online for that quality of a diamond on blue nile or james allen. As far as the setting, they did not have any nice ones so Im going to order one online that i like. They said they would set it for me for free. I also kind of like that I will have a neighborhood jeweler to work with in the future in regards to cleaning it and so forth for my wife. There store is like 3 miles away and they have been in business for 29 years.


One last question, how do i get the size of her finger? I feel if i ask a friend or a sister or mother to help that they might tip her off.. you know? She has many rings, but she never wears one on that finger... hmmmm.. tricky one huh?




make it a great day guys!!! this diamond investigative process has been fun.. i feel like a rookie gemologist now... lol



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Hm. Getting a precise measure is tricky without a reference. You could always get something that would fit her right hand ring finger and size it from there, or ask the store if they can set it into a temporary setting until you have proposed, and hunt for the setting together?

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