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What Is The Best/ Most Precise Way To Measure The "table" Of A Round Diamond?


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I recently purchased the lumagny scope, and find that it’s difficult to measure. Any suggestions?



for instance i want to be able to know if a round diamond has 55-57% ideal table size. I want to know quickly, and efficiently, exactly the table size of a round stone. Any suggestions on the equipment. The formula i know, I need to know how to get the input numbers. Thanks Ron

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Hi Ron,

Ultimately the best way to measure a table is by using a computed assisted device like a Sarin or OGI machine. With a lumagny scope or any other device with a built-in measuring tape, you need to measure the average mm width of the table (I usually take the average of 3 measurements) and divide it by the average diameter.


I have an image that may help, but am having a hard time figuring out how to load it.


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