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Advice On Emerald Setting From Shane Co.


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So my fiance and I have been diamond shopping, and she didn't care for the Union Diamond setting. The setting she likes the most is actually one from Shane's Company.




The problem is that this setting is really sized for a 1 Carat stone, and that's out of my budget (I'm trying to keep the stone at $3k). Moreover, Shane's doesn't resize halo's, so the stone just needs to fit the internal dimensions of 6.4x4.7. They are going to look around the broker market and see if they can find something that meets my quality goals (VS2+, G+, GIA) and the dimension goals, but cautioned us not to expect anything. I asked if they would take a diamond I bought online, and they said yes although it wouldn't be covered against damage during the setting or loss (they would otherwise replace the stone if it fell out).


So here is that lack of coverage a big deal?


I did find a diamond on blue nile that would work


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Lack of dealer supplied insurance isn't an especially big deal since you're probably going to buy better insurance yourself anyway. Lack of coverage during the setting process is more important since they don't cover breakage on stones they don't sell and although the risk is low, it's not zero. This is the case with nearly every setter by the way and it's the reason to buy the stone, the setting and the labor from the same source if at all possible. There is an insurance solution through Jewelers Mutual but it can be a bit of a logistical pain. I'll walk you through it if you decide to go that way but I'm not going to write it out today. Blue Nile isn't all that cooperative about special orders but I would expect Shane and most of the other smaller operations to be able to do it.


A setting that actually fits the stone is important. That's a popular style and I wouldn't expect it to be all that hard to find but tiny details matter. Emerald cuts have lots of different length/width ratios and corner shapes that importantly change the requirements of the setting so make sure to pick your diamond first and then pick your setting while you're still within the cancellation period on the diamond so if you can't find a mounting you like you can start over.

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