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Is This 2.25 Carat Diamond Worth Buying?


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Just wanted to ask your opinion please on this diamond for an engagement ring. It will probably be set in platinum, in a halo of smaller diamonds (probably close to half a carat in total in the halo, and all similar colour). From the info below, do you think this is a good price and will it look good in the setting or will there be noticable colouring and inclusions? I have large hands so i am trying to find a nicely sized stone that is as clear and colourless as possible for under $16k. Thank you so much for your time!!


The specs of this stone are as follows (GIA certified so all this comes from their report, which is attached)


The advertised price with the jeweller is $15,250


Shape: Pear Carat weight: 2.25 Cut: Excellent Color: G Clarity: SI2 Certificate: GIA Depth: 65.0% Table: 60.0% Polish: Excellent Symmetry: Very Good Girdle: Thin to very thick Culet: Very Small Fluorescence: Medium blue Measurements: 10.99*7.21*4.69 Ratio:



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Start by using the 'diamond finder' utility at the top of the page to see what the advertisers here are charging for something similar. The price looks competitive. Is it the right stone? That's more a question for you. Pears can be tricky because the shapes can be so different and the look of things like the bowtie and the visibility of the inclulsions varies dramatically from one to the next. Have you seen the stone? Do you love it? Are you buying it from the same outfit where you plan to have the halo made? Pear halos are almost always custom because of this variation in shape so the maker of the ring is an important consideration.


G doesn't show color for most people. Most large pears in an SI2 will be eye visible if you know what to look for but it varies with the individual stone. Again, have you seen it?

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+1. It's difficult to shop for rounds sight unseen. Fancy cuts are practically impossible, particularly relatively asymmetrical fancies like pears. Can the vendor at the very least supply some good quality photos? They may not enable you to make a "remote" decision, but at least can help you to figure out whether the diamond is something you like or not. Is it skinny or bulging/rounded? How pointed is the point? Is the inclusion macroscopically visible? Is there a visible bow-tie?

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