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Hearts & Arrows Triple X Gia Graded Stone For Comparison Purposes?


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What do you guys think about the ideal-scope, and having a hearts and arrows Triple X GIA graded stone for comparison purposes on hand at all times. Almost like having a (GIA Color Master Set) for Cut grading. This way I can examine exactly they way a Round: ideal/excellent cut stone should appear in the ideal-scope and compare it to potential/possible round diamond acquisitions.

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The IS (or better an ASET) is fine if you know what you are looking for - having a good reflector image is a good starting point, but not the be-all and end-all of diamond selection. And neither is H&A, btw.


As to the idea of the "cut master", why not? However, I see three significant provisos:


1. Budget. It's definitely a lot cheaper to choose your vendor carefully, and to find good IS/H&A scope images rather than buying and carrying around a diamond for cut evaluation purposes.


2. GIA "excellent" cut covers a pretty broad range of looks. Even restricting yourself to "excellent + H&A" you will still have a considerable variation in looks (and BTW, are you sure you prefer H&A diamonds?), so finding one that ticks the boxes for your master stone will require a fair amount of work. Work that will get you a diamond you like... without having a master stone first. Unless you plan on continuing to buy diamonds, you may as well stop there. Also, by the time you have completed your master stone selection, you most likely no longer require the master stone: you know enough about how different diamonds look like to pick and choose with your eyes and your memory.


3. You could shortcut some of this work by picking an AGS 000/Ideal cut stone, since they are more consistent in look, but that is not necessarily the cut you like best... so back to square 1 (or point 2) you go.

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I can't see a single cut master as being all that useful and a set of cut masters is going to be crazy expensive. I do know quite a bit about my color masters (I have an 11 stone set and some are better than others in terms of cutting) and have done ALL of the tests available on those particular stones. I occasionally use them for demonstration purposes about differences in cutting but for cut comparison grading purposes I don't find it all that useful.

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